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Slide Whistle Stooges is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season six. In this episode, SpongeBob, Patrick Star, and Squidward play with slide whistles.

Slide Whistle Stooges



The Slide Whistle song (revealed in credits of The Splinter)


SpongeBob and Patrick get new slide whistles and keep playing them, much to the annoyance of Squidward. He becomes increasingly annoyed as they use the slide whistles as sound effects for everything he does. He eventually has enough of it and flees his house. SpongeBob and Patrick follow after him thinking he's finally playing with them and ignoring his cries to leave him alone. He snaps and grabs SpongeBob's slide whistle and uses it on them. SpongeBob says he has quite an ear for music and soon buy's one himself. Squidward then plays it around the town: first he scares Dennis out of his wits as Dennis thinks he's being annoyed by ghosts and Squidward impersonates a baby and scares Sally out of her wits making her see Squidward as a "baby assaulter", but it annoys a lot of people. Soon they form an angry mob and end up on the warpath against Squidward. Squidward manages to take control over a gasoline tanker truck, destroys the Chum Bucket and the Krusty Krab ,jumps over a row of boats through a ring of fire and drives away from the mob Squidward says he doesn't want to stop but then SpongeBob and Patrick (driving a boat) asks if he is sure he doesn't want to stop then Squidward sees that SpongeBob was trying to warn him a cliff was ahead but there's nothing Squidward can do about it. SpongeBob and Patrick stop just in time but the gasoline tanker truck keeps going and falls off the cliff causing it to explode,much to the joy of the town as they see that Squidward is finally stopped. At the hospital, the whistle gets stuck in his throat and since they don't have the technology to remove it, they just left it there. SpongeBob and Patrick then play around the hospital with the whistles.


  • This episode reveals the name of the light Brown muscular fish with squinting eyes -- Frank
  • In this episode, Shubie has Evelyn's colors except Evelyn's shoes.
  • This episode is number 6 on Tom Kenny's Top 20 on iTunes. His description says:
"SpongeBob and Patrick drive Squidward nuts with their new slide whistles. I'm a sucker for any episode where a tiny thing gets on Squidward's nerves until he snaps. (Roger [sic Bumpass] is great at vocalizing Squidward’s 'losing it.')"
  • Mark Fite does guest voices.
  • When Squidward drives through the Krusty Krab, the kitchen, bathroom, and Mr. Krabs's office cannot be seen.
  • This episode aired in the Netherlands before it aired in the USA.
  • Dr. Forrest says that they don't have the "technology" to remove the slide whistle from Squidward's neck while the whistle is only hanging from his neck by the tip.
  • A fish said that Squidward lives on Conch Drive when it is supposed to be named Conch Street. This is an error.
  • This episode aired in the UK on the 8th November 2008 with The Splinter.
  • This episode aired in Australia on the 31st of January 2009 with The Splinter.
  • This episode aired in United States of America on the 16th of February 2009 with The Splinter.
  • In a recent airing, this episode was paired with Cephalopod Lodge.
  • The scene with Squidward in the truck falling off the hill and people cheering is a reference to the 1971 movie, Duel where the truck driver falls off the hill and the protagonist starts cheering.
  • When Squidward finds SpongeBob and Patrick under the mat, SpongeBob’s socks are gone.
  • When Squidward falls off the cliff, in an explosion, SpongeBob and Patrick play the funeral march on their slide-whistles.
  • Ralph[citation needed] states that Squidward lives on Conch Drive. However, Squidward lives on Conch Street.
  • After Squidward takes SpongeBob's slide whistle and plays, the three of them; SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward all have a slide whistle, even though Squidward took SpongeBob's. Although SpongeBob might have had a spare.
  • The title card is SpongeBob's bedroom wall.
  • When SpongeBob and Patrick jump into the paintings, when they fly out, one of the paintings of Squidward's eyes change colors.
  • Mr. Krabs was never credited even though he actually had lines.
  • When SpongeBob is warning Squidward that he is going to fall of the cliff you can see that Patrick is driving a boatmobile but in Driven to Tears SpongeBob tore his license.
  • The 4 steps of Boat Smarts are Tire Pressure, Buckling Up, Adjusting Mirrors, and Avoiding Distractions. Squidward did not do the Avoiding Distractions part while in the gasoline truck, so technically, he does forget his boat smarts in this episode.
  • At the starting of the episode when Squidward is bathing,the water is black then turns blue.
  • In the episode 'Spongeguard on Duty',Patrick and Spongebob can't swim but in this episode,they can.(It is a possibility that the swimming lessons Larry gave them worked)
  • The title is a pun to The Three Stooges.
  • Sally is orange in this episode but is yellow in later scenes.
  • This is the second time Patrick is seen driving, first Driven to Tears
  • After the woman fish yells "baby assaulter!" there is yelling and someone yells "assault your own baby!
  • When the police officer is attacked by the worms, he says "I'm supposed to retire this week!" This is a reference to the captain of the Titanic, Edward J. Smith, when he died on the voyage before he was supposed to retire.
  1. 1: This is the Seventh time SpongeBob acts like Squidward; The First time was "Ripped Pants", The Second time was "Opposite Day", The Third time was "Just One Bite", The Forth time was "I Had an Accident", The Fifth time was "Breath of Fresh Squidward" and the Sixth time was "Gone". #2: This is the Third time Patrick acts like Squidward; The First time was "Opposite Day" and the Second time was "Breath of Fresh Squidward".
  • When Squidward was using his slide whistle around town, the people were annoyed by his antics, even forming an angry mob. But when Spongebob and Patrick use their slide whistles in the hospital, everyone thinks it's funny.
  • The title card is the same as when Patrick is chasing SpongeBob in an episode from an earlier season; "Big Pink Loser" also it's similar to Spongebob's wallpaper in the original episode "Help Wanted".
  • When Squidward gets in the drivers seat of the truck and takes the wheel, the wheel goes the opposite way he is turning it.
  • This is the first episode where the "Chum Bucket" is shown without Plankton. The second time would be in "No Hat for Pat".
  • Eighth time Krusty Krab was destroyed.

All 2009 episodes including this one and Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful but not The Splinter (because it was made in 2008)are made in TV-Y7