Kosmicheskij rejs 1936
Cosmic Voyage aka The Space Voyage aka Space Flight: The Cosmic Voyage aka Space Flight: The Space Voyage (Russian: Космический рейс) is a 1936 Soviet Science Fiction film about the first manned mission to the moon.


In the year 1946, the Soviet space program is undergoing turmoil. Professor Sedikh, who is planning to lead the first manned exploration to the moon, is denounced by his rival Professor Karin as being too old and too mentally unstable for the mission. Professor Sedikh, aided by his assistant Marina and a youth named Andryusha, disregard Prof. Karin’s authority and make a successful landing on the moon. Although a few problems occur at the moon, including the discovery of a damaged oxygen tank and Professor Sedikh’s becoming trapped under a fallen boulder, the expedition is a success and the cosmonauts return to Moscow.


The film was produced by Mosfilm and first conceived in 1924.

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