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Spongicus is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season six. In this episode, Plankton builds a coliseum and holds a gladiator show.



5 years before Plankton's Army

30 years before Truth or Square



Plankton decides to destroy the Chum Bucket and turns it into a colossuem, announcing to Bikini Bottom on a jumbotron there will be free entertainment, promising guts and glory available to everyone in now what is called the Chum Colliseum. The colliseum is a spoof of the Roman colliseum with its battles and gladitorial games, complete with Planton in the Emperor's chair and a toga. Soon the Krusty Krab is devoid of its loyal customers and Mr.Krabs and crew go to the colliseum to find out what Plankton is up to. When they sit down a giant Lion Fish is released and Spongebob is excited until he realizes the prisoner that will be going up against the Lion Fish is Patrick. Too entice the Lion Fish into chasing Patrick. Plankton orders blood sausages to be placed around Patrick's throat. SpongeBob decides to help Patrick and turns into a a gladiator, complete with armor and a chariot pulled by sea horses. He soon catches up with Patrick and rescues him, but now the entertainment has turned into a chase scene that doesn't contain the blood and guts Plankton promised. Meanwhile, Plakton is trying to sell chum to the crowd who are getting hungry waiting for the guts and glory. One of the spectators agrees to buy a chum stick but is angered when Plankton tells her it will be $10. She asks why she should pay $10 when Krabby Patties are only a single buck. Plankton angrily tells her that you cannot get entertainment like this at the Krusty Krab. She agrees and after immediately getting sick from eating the chum stick, the rest of the crowd has had enough and gets up to go. Plankton traps all the customers by blocking all the exits when they try to leave. He claims to have waited 20 years to see the amount of customers Krabs sees and demands everyone sit back down and buy his chum. They sit back down grumbling and the entertainment continues. Going back to SpongeBob and Patrick, Spongebob discovers that the Lion Fish is chasing the blood sausages around Patrick's neck, not them. He throws the blood sausages and they land in a pile on Plankton. He freaks out, now realizing the Lion Fish is charging towards him. He quickly escapes out of a small secret door he put in the colliseum, taunting the Sea Lion and calling it a "prissy feline". The Lion Fish smashes through the wall and chases Plankton who runs for his life. After Plankton's failed plans, the Krusty Krab is back in business but Mr.Krabs has raised the price of a Krabby Patty from $1 to $10. When the customer complains about it, Krabs points out the Lion Fish and tells him he can take it up with his new "financial advisor". Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward laugh together then leave rather awkwardly one by one. The episode ends with the Lion Fish roaring.

Cultural references[]

  • The title "Spongicus" is a spoof of the famous Roman gladiator Spartacus.
  • The coliseum that Plankton made is simular to the Colosseum of Rome.


  • One of the KK customers appears without any clothes in this episode.
  • This is the fourth episode to contain a spoof of a land creature, the first was in "My Pretty Seahorse", when spongebob discovers Mystery. the second was with a Sea Rhino and Sea Bear in "The Camping Episode". The third was in "Whale of a Birthday", when Pearl says that she wants a Sea Pony
  • The episode aired with Nautical Novice, but pairs with Suction Cup Symphony.
  • Chumsticks come in 2 shapes, square and corndog shaped.
  • Patrick's toga is white, but in one scene it was green.
  • According to this episode, the secret formula for Plankton's chum is: whale blubber, jellyfish squeezings, seahorse snout, and just a sprinkle of anchor rust. That means Plankton's chum is diferent from the common one.
  • Angry Jack can be seen in the audience of the coliseum.
  • On, where the full episode is paired with Suction Cup Symphony, the Spongicus episode cannot be viewed however.
  • The sea lion is a parody of the Neamean Lion from greek mythology and a visual pun on real-life "sea lions"..
  • When Spongebob gets in the chariot, his clothes transform into Roman gladiator armor.
  • The title card is similar to Artist Unknown.
  • The Lion Fish is a real-life animal. It's a fish with venomous spiky fins.
  • The Lion Fish was chasing Patrick because he had sausages around his neck, and stopped chasing them when Spongebob threw the sausages away. They landed on Plankton, and the Lion Fish went after him. However, even though Plankton ran away and left the sausages behind, the Lion Fish went after him instead of the sausages.
  • Like the Sea Bear from The Camping Episode, the Lion Fish is portrayed as a fish with a predatory animal's head, and claws on the tips of its pectoral fins.
  • When the people were leaving the colosseum, they wound up in the area of the arena. Plankton (while riding on top of Karen) was also in the arena when vending chumsticks. In reality, they could not go from the bleachers to the arena; corridors would lead from the bleachers to the outside of the colosseum.
  • Title card is gray and shiny as Artist Unknown
  • In this episode, Plankton says he has waited for 20 years to get the amount of customers Mr. Krabs sees everyday. But in Plankton's Army, it was the 25th anniversary of Plankton stealing the Krabby Patty Formula. This suggest that this episode takes place five years before that episode.
  • A recent airing of this episode was halted to show an iguana farting in a tub before being continued.


Original Music

  • Steel Sting - The audience grumpily sit back in their seats. {Jeremy Wakefield}
  • Vibe Sting - SpongeBob notices the lionfish eating the blood sausage. {Nicolas Carr}

APM Music

  • Roman Legion - Title Card.
  • Dramatic Impact 6 - #1: "Mr. Krabs, you gotta get out here! It's a code blue situation!"
  • Dramatic Impact 5 - "Mr. Krabs, you gotta get out here! It's a code blue situation!" / "CODE BLUE!!?"
  • Brutal B - Plankton threatens Mr. Krabs with a demolishing crane.
  • Keel Row - "Plankton's destroying the Chum Bucket? Ha-ha, I guess he's finally given up on the restaurant business. Couldn't take me competition."
  • {#67} Ancient Fanfare - "Greetings, citizens of Bikini Bottom! Behold my imperial Chum Coliseum!"
  • {#67.03} Ancient Fanfare - "I vow to introduce to this fair city CULTURE in the form of hand-to-hand grabbling!"
  • {#67.06} Ancient Fanfare - "I intend to enrich your live's culturally by exhibiting the moist spectacle of gladiators in mortal conflict!"
  • Fighting Legions B - Everyone rushes into the chum Colliseum.
  • Dramatic Impact 6 - #2: Plankton laughs evilly.
  • Wooden Bear - "...even though you're just a frigid machine, your circuits must be welling up with emotion in my latest achievement."
  • Hawaiian Link (b) - Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob get off the ground.
  • Tripping Upstairs - "So let's get in there and serve 'em up a burger they tell their grandguppies about!"
  • Drama Link (e) - Mr. Krabs notices his customers are gone.
  • Roman March - Mr. Krabs and his employees visit the Chum Coliseum.
  • The Tale of Ben Hur 1 - Patrick steps into the coliseum.
  • Mounting the Scaffold 1 - #1: "*laughs* That pink dimwit doesn't stand a chance with those sausages around his throat. As soon as the smell of sausage hits that ravenous lionfish's nostrils, he'll be all over Patrick like mold on a shower curtain!"
  • Armed Attack 1 - #1: Patrick tries to tame the lionfish.
  • Entry of the Heroes D - SpongeBob jumps onto a chariot.
  • Chariot Race - #1: SpongeBob rescues Patrick.
  • Entry of the Heroes A - "This is ridiculous! I order a simple brutal mauling for my denizens and I get a CIRCUS ACT! Time for phase two..."
  • Mounting the Scaffold 1 - #2: Plankton traps all of his customers in his coliseum.
  • Chariot Race - #2: SpongeBob & Patrick try to figure out how to distract the lionfish.
  • Chariot Race - #3: SpongeBob realizes the lionfish's appetite.
  • Armed Attack 1 - #2: The lionfish chases Plankton.
  • The Tip Top Polka/Cliff Polka - #1: All of Mr. Krabs' customers return to the Krusty Krab.
  • Tympup A / ? - Close-up to Patrick's butt.
  • The Tip Top Polka/Cliff Polka - #2: Mr. Krabs charges a customer $10.