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Squid's Visit is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season six. In this episode, SpongeBob tries to get Squidward to visit him.

Squid's Visit

Time cards shown:[]

  • 24 hours later


Before Jellyfish Jam,Can You Spare A Dime, I was a Teenage GarySleepy TimeParty Pooper PantsSpongeBob Meets the Strangler and Pineapple Fever; after Not Normal .




SpongeBob really wants Squidward to visit his house, but Squidward doesn't. Squidward says that he likes the comfort of his own home. SpongeBob then makes his house exactly like Squidward's so Squidward will finally visit. Afterwards, he steals Squidward's vacuum cleaner, which makes Squidward come take it back, which was Patrick's idea. Squidward puts his dinner in the oven and then comes to SpongeBob's house and saw the exact replica of his living room. He is a little annoyed. Squidward sits on the exact replica of his chair and saw his coffee table. He sees his food and Art Of The Clarinet Book. He saw his pillow SpongeBob was fluffing. It looked like the one Squidward's Mother made for him. Then Squidward sees his hallway, and he saw the chip in the painting from when the moved into his own house. Then he saw his bathroom. He sees his medicine cabinet and he sees his rash cream. But when SpongeBob shows up, Squidward screams and he slips on the rash cream too many times and his head falls into the toilet, knocking himself out.

Squidward woke up and thinks he had a dream about himself visiting SpongeBob. But he wasn't dreaming. Squidward screams to SpongeBob. He tells SpongeBob he has to go to the bathroom again, but it was a lie. He runs upstairs, looking for his vacuum cleaner. Squidward exactly opens the door, and turns on the light, he finds out he is in the gallery room and spots all 492 self portraits hanging on the wall. Squidward becomes scared, but then he get mad. He looks for the vacuum cleaner in the closet and finds it, but it is stuck in the closet. Squidward pulls until his vacuum comes out. The vacuum hits Squidward and he crashes into the wall, tilting his self-portraits. He falls down the stairs, and he spits out the vacuum, and he walks out of SpongeBob's house, but when he goes outside, he realizes that his house had vaporized due to a fire. Squidward had forgotten to bring the casserole which was later on fire and caused Squidward's house to burn up. SpongeBob then told Squidward to stay at his house. Squidward imagined what it would be like. He wound up staying at the pineapple with him inside and SpongeBob and Gary sleeping outside.


  • Squidward has already been in SpongeBob's house in various episodes, so this episode took place beforeJellyfish Jam, as a flashback.
  • The second time Patrick and SpongeBob play jigsaw puzzles, the first time is in Pineapple Fever.
  • Squidward's Mom is mentioned in this episode.
  • Patrick said that Squidward visited his house once. In Patrick SmartPants, he tested Squidward's brain fluids inside the rock. And in I'm with Stupid, he told Patrick his parents arrived(he did not enter the house though). Squidward also visited Patrick's rock in Breath of Fresh SquidwardThe Thing, and Not Normal
  • Squidward said that the pepper went all over his imported rug, although only a tiny speck went on it.
  • Two games based on the episode can be played at Cook It 'n' Book It and Squidward's Sizzlin Scare are based on looking for the vaccum and the burning casserole.
  • In this episode, Squidward says he NEVER calls SpongeBob. But he called him in several other episodes. Again, this episode is a flashback.
  • The German Title is, "Ein Besuch von Thaddäus", which means "A Visit from Squidward".
  • At the end of the episode when SpongeBob yells Squidward's name, he yells it like Dave yells "ALLVVIIN!" from Alvin and the Chipmunks. Squidward did the same thing to SpongeBob when his house was burned down earlier. Also, Squidward's yelling hints that he blamed SpongeBob for the fire, but he really started it with his casserole in the oven.
  • When Squidward enters SpongeBob's house, there is a portrait of another squid on the wall, but with an orange face and a blue shirt. But when the camera pans in front of Squidward's face when he looks at SpongeBob's living room, the painting has a green face and a white shirt.
  • In Not Normal, Squidward has 483 self-portraits. But in this episode, he has 492. This episode probably took place after Not Normal, or he must of took 9 of them out in order to save room.
  • Normally, blancmange is white, but in this episode, it is purple and clear.
  • When Squidward saw his 492 self-portraits, One of them was a statue of Squidward, possibly the same fromAtlantis SquarePantis since it had the leaf.
  • When Squidward saw his 492 self-portraits, the first one the camera directed on was a clown. In "Tentacle-Vision", the clown had no tears and had little x's on it's eyes, but in this episode, the clown's eyes were open with no x's, and it had tears, and the nose was tear shaped just like Squidward's, but the clown's nose was red When Squidward went in SpongeBob's house, he didn't see the kitchen, the garage, or the attic.
  • The title card has the color of SpongeBob's house, while the wording is the color of Squidward's house.
  • SpongeBob invites Squidward to visit "La Casa de Esponja" and Bob Esponja is SpongeBob's Spanish name.
  • Squidward's kitchen is upstairs in this episode.
  • The time card said, "24 Hours Later," and would indicate that Squidward and SpongeBob have an extended shift the second day because the time card came some time after the shift of the first day.
  • When Squidward is getting his vacuum from the closet, there is a portrait where Squidward is painted naked, but with a back view so the viewer cannot see any revealing parts.
  • How can a replica painting be better if its exact?
  • The entire title screen is similar to the title screen from Pineapple FeverHome Sweet Rubble, and Home Sweet Pineapple.
  • Squidward says the 492 self-portraits are better than his. This proves Spongebob is a better painter than Squidward!
  • The "24 Hours Later" time card is very similar to Slide Whistle Stooges title card.
  • This is the first time Squidward's house catches on fire.
  • This is the first time SpongeBob appears in a note after he took Squidward's vacuum cleaner. He laughs badly at Squidward while he became too furious, literally!
  • After Squidward shrieks, "SPONGEBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Patrick feels neutral but SpongeBob smiles while Squidward screams.
  • This is the first time SpongeBob copied Squidward's aplliances and rooms.
  • Squidward feels miserable after he missed the fire on his house.
  • This is the first time Squidward laughed insanely and called SpongeBob twice.
  • SpongeBob called his house Chez Sponge after Squidward made a chaos in the bathroom.
  • Squidward reads his mom's stitch signature, "For Squiddy with love, Mama".
  • When Squidward saw his rash cream inside his medicine cabinet, SpongeBob brought another one.
  • This is the second time Patrick uses his Forever Glue. The first was in Stuck in the Wringer.
  • After SpongeBob borrowed Squidward's vacuum cleaner, SpongeBob isn't using it. Squidward tries to look for it.
  • Squidward's sink is actually a scallop but it's not deep enough.
  • When Squidward found his vacuum cleaner from SpongeBob's storage room, all of his aplliances bursted out.
  • This is the second time Squidward's pupils shrunk. The first was in Squid on Strike.
  • This is the first time SpongeBob and Squidward switched their houses.
  • SpongeBob cries and said "Please!" when Squidward is in the bus stop, at Hal's Restaurant and when he's about to go home.
  • This is the second time SpongeBob is stepped like a doormat. The first was in Plankton's Regular.
  • This is the second time SpongeBob breathes with a smile at Squidward. The first was in Boating Buddies.
  • While SpongeBob and Patrick are playing puzzle, Patrick can't put the pieces back together.
  • This is the second time Spongebob replicates Squidward's house. The first was in Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful when Spongebob created Squidward's Trash House.


  • When Squidward is sad because his house is gone, the vacuum disappears, but when Squidward is about to fall, the vacuum reappears again.
  • Mysteriously, when Squidward yells that he'll never visit Spongebob while their walking, when he walks away you can hear a chicken cluck.

APM Music Identification[]

  • Hawaiian Cocktail - SpongeBob cries and tells Squidward to come for a visit.
  • Comic Walk - "Before you ask me that question, ask yourself this: Why would I leave the comfort of my home for your dirty little hovel?"
  • The Jitters - Squidward spills his pepper all over the rug.
  • Dramatic Impact 2 - Squidward gasps as he saw the same exact replica of his home in SpongeBob's place.
  • Drama Link B - Squidward screams.
  • Drama Link C - "Okay Squiddy, don't get creeped out. Just get the vacuum and go home."
  • Drama Link D - Squidward turns on the light, and finds all 492 of his self-portraits hanging on the wall.