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Squirrel Record
Season 9, Episode 179b
Squirrel Record
Air date July 21, 2012
Written by Luke Brookshier
Marc Ceccarelli
Derek Iversen
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Extreme Spots

Squirrel Record is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season 9. In this episode, Sandy tries to break a number of world records.



The episode starts with Squidward's clock ringing. He pokes his head in the kitchen and yells at SpongeBob to go home. SpongeBob was obliviously not paying attention. A minute later SpongeBob's watch beeps and says it's qutting time. He asks Squidward why is he still here and Squidward, frustrated, runs out yelling angrily. He stuffed the Krabby Patty in his wallet. Then SpongeBob takes out the trash. SpongeBob is then confronted by Sandy, who he thinks is a garbage monster. Sandy then pulls out a book that holds all of the records in Bikini Bottom. Sandy claims she wants to beat every record in Bikini Bottom. After beating two records, SpongeBob realizes he forgot his camera, angering Sandy. When he returns, Sandy had constructed many robots to help keep track of her records. After SpongeBob leaves Sandy to clean Gary's litter box, he finds out Sandy has become obsessed with the record book. He then attempts to grab the book, only to be crushed in a robot machine for another record. Sandy then finds out and says she is done with the book anyone. The author for the book then enters the treedome and verifies the book is over 30 years old and the records have already been broken. Yet, he claims SpongeBob had broken a record for having so many injuries from helping a friend. At the end, SpongeBob crumbles to pieces and the author takes a picture.


There is a game based on this episode, located at:


  • This is the ninth episode where SpongeBob was not wearing a water helmet in Sandy's Treedome. 1st was Tea at the Treedome, 2nd was Survival of the Idiots, 3rd was Squirrel Jokes, 4th was A Flea in Her Dome, 5th was Gone, 6th was Yours, Mine and Mine, 7th was House Sittin' for Sandy. 8th was Face Freeze!
  • It is revealed that Sandy has 100 woodchuck cousins, with one named Earl.
  • Sandy's record book is an obvious parody of the Guiness Book of World Records & Ripley's Believe It Or Not.
  • The title sounds a little like "World" Record.
  • This is third SpongeBob episode to be in widescreen. 1st was Truth or Square and the 2nd was Extreme Spots.
  • This is the official time Plankton has a customer by selling chum without any assistance.
  • The way SpongeBob is sliced by the chainsaws slightly resembles his sliced body shown in the intro of the cartoon.
  • This is the second time someone plays Solitare. First was Bucket Sweet Bucket in which was played by SpongeBob on the computer of Karen, but in this episode, we see how Patrick plays Solitare.
  • This is the first appearance of a Cobra snake and the second appearance of snakes. 1st was Ghoul Fools.
  • Since sandy is the most intelligent character in the series, she should have known the book was outdated, however, she could've just figured out about it, or they're were no other volumes released.
  • It is unknown how Sandy got the Cobra snakes in her treedome.
  • Running Gag: Sandy trying to break records and SpongeBob getting hurt. 


  • In an ad for this episode it said Sandy and SpongeBob perform the "110 yard tongue pull". But on Sandy's tongue it shows inches, not yards.
  • SpongeBob tells Sandy that he smells Gary's sandbox, but when SpongeBob is talking to Gary he calls it his litterbox.
  • How were the cobras able to get into SpongeBob's water helmet?
  • When SpongeBob puts a patty in his wallet there is his milkshake dispenser card, but in the next scene, when SpongeBob took out the patty after Sandy had raw chum, it had a picture of a cowboy saying "Yee Haw!".
  • When SpongeBob measured Sandy's tongue, he fell and his sleeves, arms, and his camera were shown outside his helmet after, but in the next scene, they were inside his helmet.