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Suction Cup Symphony is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season six. In this episode, Squidward writes a symphony.

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  • Suction Cup Symphony


Squidward is playing his clarinet when SpongeBob goes outside to do some gardening. He think Squidward went to an Italian restaurant called Mario's. Suddenly, SpongeBob notices two construction workers putting up a billboard. Thinking Squidward's music is flatulence, SpongeBob becomes noisy to cover it up, until Squidward alerts him to stop. Getting mad at the billboard workers, he then discovers the Bikini Bottom Symphony Orchestra is holding a competition for an original score. Following a series of events starting with Patrick breaking his butt, Squidward tries not to get distracted by SpongeBob's home doctoring. After turning in his score, he finds that he wrote down all of SpongeBob's doctoring. He finds SpongeBob squeezing a rubber duck and Patrick going "Woo!" and SpongeBob is on a seat, bashing Patrick's brain, causing a farting noise and making his eyes pop out. He also:

Has an X-Ray done.

Bashes a hammer on his leg.

Reads "lazy review".

Has a breathing machine.

Many more things as well.

The audience gave a round of applause to Squidward. Spongebob says to make sure Squidward doesn't get a "swelled head". The camera cuts to only Squidward, whose head inflates due to Patrick squeezing the pump of the blood pressure, and the episode ends by the screen blacking out as an explosion is heard.


  • When Squidward finally finishes writing his song, he has that same look on his face that he had in Squid's Day Off when he locked himself in his house, although sand was added into his eyes in this episode.
  • The machine that Patrick was in was exactly like the one SpongeBob was dreaming about the laughing machine in "Funny Pants".
  • When "The Splinter" premiered, this episode also aired along with it.
  • The fish playing the piano in this episode was the same fish that SpongeBob sat next to at The Reef Cinemain "Something Smells".
  • This is the second time SpongeBob was seen gardening, the first was in episode: "My Pretty Seahorse".
  • This is the second time Squidward has been seen conducting a band, the first time being in the episode "Band Geeks". Both times the audience cheered in applause.
  • If you look closely at the X-ray, you will notice that Patrick has a cracked skull. This was from "Patrick SmartPants" when Patrick fell from the cliff.
  • This episode appeared as a part of the Gimme 5 special.
  • This is the second time Mario is mentioned. First was The Bully.
  • The storm in Squidward's brain is similar from "Breath of Fresh Squidward"
  • The bones sticking out of Patrick's butt are femur bones. The femur is a long bone found in each of the upper legs.
  • In "Suds", and "The Splinter" Patrick pretended to be a doctor and treated Spongebob. This time, the tables are turned: Spongebob pretends to be a doctor and treats Patrick.
  • The line "I think I broke my bottom," is similar to the line "I think I broke my ***" from Good Burger.
  • It is not known because if Squidward needed silence to concentrate, it never occurred to close the window.
  • The first time SpongeBob puts on a rubber glove and makes that squeaky sound and Patrick goes "Woo!", fans may have implied that SpongeBob was giving Patrick a prostate exam. However, he was just playing with a rubber duck that amused Patrick.
  • How was Squidward able to see what he was writing when he had his "game face" on. It had no eyeholes.


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