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Suds is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season one. In this episode, SpongeBob catches the suds and calls Patrick to try to fix them.




SpongeBob awakens hungry in the night. While preparing a midnight snack, he leaves the refrigerator open, causing his home to freeze. By morning he has developed the "suds", a sponge sickness similar to a cold or influenza. SpongeBob refuses to admit to his illness, to avoid missing work, but finally relents to take rest. He calls upon Sandy to take him to the doctor, but is first visited by Patrick.

When Patrick convinces SpongeBob that doctors are harbingers of torture and outdated magazines, SpongeBob allows "Doctor" Patrick to practice on him. The inane treatments (such as making foot sandwiches and congesting his ostia with corks). When Sandy arrives she takes SpongeBob to a real doctor, who prescribes the "sponge treatment", which is performed by a live human hand named Hans. This involves being rinsed with soap and used to scrub various objects and people. The treatment cures SpongeBob completely, and he even receives a lollypop. Jealous, Patrick requests the sponge treatment as well, but unlike SpongeBob's treatment he gets an aching treatment for starfishes.


  • MY LEG!: Everyone running panicking in the Krusty Krab when they thought SpongeBob sneezed on their food.
  • The title card background for this episode is similar to that of "Bubblestand," except with speckles and bamboo added in.
  • Impersonating a doctor is illegal just like Sandy said. Patrick must have a medical license to be a doctor. However, he impersonates a doctor again in The Splinter.
  • Before SpongeBob sneezed which destroyed the Krusty Krab the flower on the left in the sky is red but after he sneezed the flower is gone.
  • The scene where Patrick is in SpongeBob's house and SpongeBob is tied on a torture board could scare younger viewers because they might think Patrick is torturing SpongeBob.
  • Patrick is a quack doctor since he does not have a medical license.
  • 17th episode with its name in it.
  • This episode is Hans' debut.
  • 4th time Squidward doesn't appear.
  • Here are a list of things that Patrick tried to do to make SpongeBob better.
    • Plugging his holes with corks (which caused him to inflate).
    • Putting SpongeBob's feet on peanut butter and bread.
    • Tying one of SpongeBob's teeth to the door then slamming the door.
    • Jumping on him.
    • Putting a massive bandage on his back then ripping it off when SpongeBob said 'No' and then puts it back on in a different position.
  • Running Gag: When SpongeBob sneezes, bubbles come out of his holes. When SpongeBob sneezes with the corks on him, he inflates.
  • When Patrick puts on gloves and covers them in water he says "Don't touch me! I'm Sterile!" Sterile means free from living germs or microorganisms; aseptic: sterile surgical instruments.
  • When the lightning goes off, SpongeBob is in G Major.
  • SpongeBob's treatment involved washing dishes, a foot, a man and a car.
  • Patrick's painful treatment included washing a cactus and a toilet.