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Super Mario 64 is a Mario game released for the Nintendo 64 in 1996. It was released on Virtual Console in 2006.


Princess Peach has sent Mario a letter to come to her castle for cake. But when Mario enters the castle, Bowser has taken over and Mario must collect 120 stars to free the castle.

Toad informs Mario that everyone is trapped within the walls. After collecting eight stars, Mario fights Bowser by throwing him on a bomb. Bowser gives him a key.

When Mario goes to the basement, a rabbit called MIPS will run away from Mario, he catches him and MIPS gives him a star. When Mario collects 30 stars, Bowser is fought again, but is much harder. Mario gets another key.

After 70 stars, Bowser is fought again, much harder. After being thrown on a bomb three times, Bowser morphs into a giant star, Mario sprouts wings on his cap and flies off.

Mario lands in front of Princess Peach's castle. Mario's wing dissipates and Mario uses the power of the giant star to release Princess Peach from the castle's stained glass window. Princess Peach kisses Mario on the cheek and gives him the cake she promised him at the start of the game.

About the game[]

Super Mario 64 is an open world game with no timer so the player can explore worlds without a timer. The camera hovers over Mario instead of staying behind him. This game is the first 3D Mario game ever. The game is the first of many open world 3D games.


This game has received universal and critical acclaim. Many regard it as the best game ever, and the most famous Mario game ever. Metacritic ranked it 94%, making it the third highest ranking Mario game of all time, after Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. The game has been praised for it's storyline, the camera angles, power-ups, and levels. Some criticism about the game was about the number of glitches in the game, and the camera can get stuck behind Mario. Nevertheless, the praise made it one of the best-rated games of all time.


  • This game has sold ten million copies and is the best-selling Nintendo 64 game. This is obvious as it was a launch title for the console.
  • This game has the most glitches in any Mario game. One most popular glitch is the Reverse Long Jump.
  • This game has introduced new enemies like Whomps, Scuttle Bugs, Skeeters, Kuromames and Amps.
  • This game is the first major Mario game which Charles Martinet has voiced Mario.
  • The Nintendo 64 was released with the game.
  • The Nintendo 64 was pushed to a success because of this game.