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The Adventures of Pluto Nash: The Man on the Moon
aka Pluto Nash aka Adventures of Pluto Nash aka The Adventures of Pluto Nash is a Australian-American science fiction action comedy. It entered theaters on August 16, 2002 and became one of the biggest box office bombs in history with overwhelmingly negative reviews.



Pluto Nash, a former smuggler and current owner of Club Pluto in the Lunar colony of Little America, is approached by two messengers from a man named Rex Carter who wants to buy Club Pluto. When Pluto refuses the messengers trash the club. Pluto then makes it his mission to find Rex and learns that the man's identity is very well hidden as no one has seen his face. It becomes quite a mystery and Pluto along with his associates soon finds Carter's gambling casino and learn of his true identity - he is a clone of Pluto himself. Carter kills the messengers that trashed the club, and tells Pluto of his grand plan and how the purchase will benefit both of them - Pluto getting a life he's always wanted and Rex, with the resources to make Club Pluto what Pluto himself has wanted it to be (Rex inherited some of Pluto's memories and thus shares Pluto's ambition). But Pluto, at first deceiving Rex into thinking he's for the plan, turns on him and in the struggle Rex is killed and Pluto takes control of Rex's enterprise.

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