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The Clash of Triton is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season six. In this episode, when King Neptune is upset that his banished son, Triton, won't be able to celebrate his 5,000th birthday with him, SpongeBob decides to set Triton free and celebrate with the king so that Neptune won't be upset. But reuniting Triton with his father is harder than it seems.

The Clash of Triton
Season 7, Episode 126
The Clash of Triton
Air date July 5, 2010
Written by Casey Alexander
Zeus Cervas
Aaron Springer
Steven Banks
Paul Tibbitt
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  • 7:00 PM (King Neptune's Birthday Party)




On King Neptune's 5,000th birthday, Queen AmphitriteKing Neptune's wife, calls the Krusty Krab and sets reservations to celebrate King Neptune's birthday. Mr. Krabs sets up a crowd of watchers for some extra money after Shubie wanted to watch the royal family eat through the window, and SpongeBob cooks 5,000 Krabby Patties for King Neptune just as he arrives. However, King Neptune is overly depressed about his son, Triton, whenSpongeBob mentions him. Neptune shows everyone a movie that he made about his sad separation with Triton, locking him in a cage in the Island in the Sky until he learns to become a proper god like his father. To ease King Neptune's pain, SpongeBob plans to go to the Island in the Sky and release Triton from his shrunken cage (according to Neptune, the cage only shrinks 7%). Unfortunately, the lock on the cage was impossible for SpongeBob to undo. So, he asks Patrick, his best friend, to unlock it. Luckily, Patrick was able to unlock the cage. Triton comes out and offers the two a "ride" after turning the cage into a car, which SpongeBob and Patrick accept. But Triton pulls over when they were halfway there and tells SpongeBob and Patrick he doesn't need them anymore, knocking them out of the car with one whip of his tail. He immediately goes to Bikini Bottom and destroys it to have revenge on his father for locking him up. Then SpongeBob and Patrick return to Bikini Bottom and see the destruction. They both realize that Triton was locked up for a reason. They sneak into the Krusty Krab using the secret entrance, which led to inside the grill. SpongeBob tells Patrick to be very quiet. Patrick agrees, but misfortunely throws the top of the grill backwards making a loud clashing noise. The two peek from behind the cashier window and see that Triton has locked up Neptune and all the party goers in a cage. Neptune begs Triton to release everybody else and take him instead, but he ignores him. Then SpongeBob and Patrick unlock the cage staying hidden in the grill. Triton, in great dismay, says to his father that he was only kidding and tries to run... er... swim away. But an angry Neptune catches him by appearing in front of him. Triton tries to tell him that he didn't mean to lock him in a cage, but his father thought he has gone too far. Neptune then saw what Triton did to Bikini Bottom and angrily asks him if he was responsible for it. Triton begs Neptune not to send him back to the cage. But Neptune, instead of punishing him, says that he just gave him the best 5,000th birthday present he has ever received. Triton learned to use his powers at long last, and that was what Neptune always wanted. Both father and son hugged with everyone cheering for them. Then, with Amphitrite, they return home. As they leave, Neptune says this was all because of SpongeBob. But everybody hears what he said and begins to hate SpongeBob. The episode ends with SpongeBob and Patrick running for their lives as the citizens of Bikini Bottom form a mob and chase them.

Major Events[]

  • More of King Neptune's family is seen in this episode including his wife Queen Amphitrite and, of course, his son Triton.
  • Triton nearly succeeds in taking over but is stopped by SpongeBob and Patrick.
  • Triton now knows how to fully use his powers.
  • King Neptune and Triton finally make up and become a full family again.


  • In the Serbian Dub Mermaid Man's name is Triton, so this episode sparked a bit of confusion.
  • In the SpongeBob SquarePants MovieMindy is King Neptune's daughter but she is not seen or mentioned in this episode. Triton is stated to be Neptune's only child in this episode. This could possibly be explained by Squidward's quote in Krusty Towers "King Neptune XIV would be nice," as they may be different heirs of King Neptune. There is also the fact that Neptune looked completely different in The Spongebob SquarePants Movie.
  • This episode was a parody of Clash of Titans.
  • This episode on on Comcast's on demand service before it aired on TV.
  • Since this aired on July 5, 2010, July 5 is probably his birthday, unless this took place on another time. King Neptune now is 5,002.
  • This is the third time a secret entrance was seen. The first two were Wormy and Born to Be Wild.
  • Neptune said that it has been thousands of years passed since Triton asked how to play baseball (or in his case, the ball and stick game). However, baseball didn't exist that long ago, and the players were wearing modern day clothes rather than old fashioned ones.
  • This episode was originally put to be called "Neptune's Party," and a title card for "Neptune's Party" was even made before they decided to change it to "The Clash of Triton." The title card can still be seen on the German title card, but the German title is not made of frosting.
  • Frankie can be seen in a business suit, similar to that in Sand Castles in the Sand. He seemed to have a girl voice in this episode when he was cheering for Neptune and Triton.
  • This is the second episode who's title was later renamed but the title card still labels it's former title. The first instance was in Shanghaied.
  • In SpongeHengeShubie doesn't believe in King Neptune, but in this episode she does and is quite fascinated.
  • Running Gag: Whenever Mr. Krabs disappoints Queen Amphitrite, she zaps Mr. Krabs.
  • When Shubie wants to see King Neptune eat, and Mr. Krabs refuses to let her, but then he gets the idea of charging people to watch King Neptune eat, Shubie isn't there to see him eat, in the line nor the seats.
  • When Triton locks up King Neptune, he is taller than him.
  • Squidward has always been obsessed and fascinated by King Neptune, but in this episode he's not.
  • Atlantis from Neptune's Spatula is once again seen.
  • The flashback shown by King Neptune is likely to nearly take place before the series. Although a baseball game can be seen during the flashback, so this is possibly not a true fact.
  • Queen Amphitrite was originally mistaken to be a computer-wife just like Karen.
  • Queen Amphitrite seems to show a dislike to Mr. Krabs, because Krabs insults her.
  • The Island in the Sky might be a reference to the Island of Skye in Scotland.
  • When Patrick receives the phone call from SpongeBob, he was holding a potato chip, but when he used his finger to turn off the phone, he is no longer holding it.
  • The title might be a reference to a 1981 film "Clash of the Titans", but more likely the 2010 remake.
  • On the commercial it was called "SpongeBob and The Clash of Triton" but "The Clash of Triton" when it aired.
  • This episode has four alternate titles. Neptune's Party, Triton's Revenge, Clash of Triton, and SpongeBob and The Clash of Triton.
  • There is a marathon for this episode called "Clash of The Triton". The episodes airing were: Neptune's Party,Gramma's Secret RecipeThe Cent of Money (Originally named The Smell of Money and to be in Season 8),That Sinking Feeling, & Karate Star.
  • The Clash of Triton was going to be a TV movie just like Atlantis SquarePantisTruth or Square and possiblyThe Great Patty Caper (also known as Krabby Patty No More).
  • There is no empty seat (reserved for Triton) before and after SpongeBob spots it.
  • The Clash of Triton is the first special that King Neptune was in, apart from The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.
  • There are two shorts for this episode; SpongeGod and The Story of King Neptune.
  • When Triton is in the cage he is much smaller than SpongeBob but when he gets out he is much bigger.
  • When Nat Peterson was in the crowd watching King Neptune eat, he was the biggest, but in Krabby Landand The Play's the Thing he is very short.
  • Tina was seen being hit by a tire even though Triton's car tires are all intact after he crashes into the Krusty Krab.
  • This is King Neptune's 3rd appearance in the series, not counting The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.
  • This is one of the episodes that aired far away from a season that in the same season to be counted in that season but in a different year, such as "Gary Takes a Bath" and "Goo Goo Gas".
  • This is the only Season 6 episode to be aired in 2010, however it aired far away from that season, because it aired in the middle of Season 7 but still counts as a Season 6 episode, because Season 7 starts in 2009 through 2011; In the middle, Season 7 has 2010 episodes; The DVD for this episode contains Season 6 episodes; so it lets to finish Season 7.
  • Fred was the baseball coach when Triton was watching.
  • SpongeBob suggests to go out for "Triple Gooberry Sundaes", though in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie the are called "Triple Gooberberry Sunrises."
  • The Clash of Triton DVD is titled "Triton's Revenge" instead of its actual title.
  • The "grandma" from Blackened Sponge appears again in the audience.
  • Neptune could have been amazed by Triton using his powers to lock Neptune.
  • This is the third time an indication to an odor to Spongebob's feet. When he use using his bare foot to pick the phone up, before Mr. Krabs took the phone, he appeared to have been smelling Spongebob's foot.
  • In Clash of Triton Online Game, Triton turned Sandy, Squidward, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs into mythological creatures (he probably knew about mythological creatures because his father taught him about them, and even when he was rebellious, he memorized them because his father made him).
  • This episode first aired in Serbia before USA and it was called "Нептунов Рођендан" (Neptune's Birthday) and had the title card of Neptune's Party but when it aired in the USA the title card was changed to The Clash of Triton title card and it was named "Сукоб око Тритона" (The Fight Over Triton).
  • In Greek mythology, Neptune's counterpart was Poseidon and Amphitrite is his consort. Triton was his son.
  • In Southeast Asia, this episode was premiered on December 252010.
  • In the third commercial of this episode, after SpongeBob says "Okay, Patrick, that's enough, thank you", the lights are turned off and Patrick says "What?". In the episode, he doesn't do this.
  • The audience wasn't in front of the Krusty Krab when Triton drives in.
  • Sadie had a higher voice that sounds similar to SpongeBob and the cop had a Harold voice.
  • The second commercial said Triton was evil, but the problem is that Triton wasn't evil before he was locked away. What's so evil about a cure for all mortal diseases, anyway?
  • SpongeBob was seen in a tuxedo halfway across the episode, but there were four scenes where the white sleeve of his regular clothes was seen. They were:
    • As Triton opens the cage door, two pearls on his bracelet were the same color of his skin. However, they turned white again through the rest of the episode.
    • When SpongeBob and Patrick approached the Krusty Krab and SpongeBob pointed at the mail, neither Triton or anyone else was seen inside.
    • Triton said "man" (not counting "old man") 15 times in this episode, including flashback (He said "old man" 5 times.).
    • When Triton was waving his hand to wave away SpongeBob's breath, it was a darker green than his skin for about a second.
    • Triton probably didn't release his mother and the others and take Neptune instead because:
    1. He knew they would try to defeat him (mostly his mother).
    2. His mother or the monsters could've stopped Neptune from locking him in a cage or at least set him free, but they only agreed with Neptune, and Triton might've wanted revenge on them as well.
    3. He just didn't seem to care about his family or anyone else.
  • If you pause the scene where Neptune was saying, "Come here, you," to Triton at just the right moment, the scene would like Neptune was placing his hand on Triton's cheek to comfort him. (It's known as something that isn't what it looks like.)
  • There were two scenes where the outline of Triton's eyebrows flickered bright orange for nearly a second. The first time was when he said, "Gosh!" The second time was when he said, "...but up in here..."
  • When Amphitrite was about to close the door of the carriage after Neptune and Triton reunited, the sea horse on her belt vanished.
  • The episode was going to be called "Neptune's Party."
  • In Germany, the title card of this episode is a pink cake, and red sign (which contains a syrup).

APM Music Identification[]

  • Tagliatelle - Title Card
  • Classic Soap 14 - Neptune Watches T.V.
  • Drama Link D - "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!"
  • Fates - King Neptune tells Mr. Krabs to cry.
  • Drama Link F - "You're thinking what i'm thinking?"
  • Dramatic Impact - King Neptune looks around and sees Bikini Bottom is destroyed.
  • Unknown Tracks 2 - The chasing ending

SpongeBob's Biggest Blunders[]

Before The Clash of Triton, there was a marathon of SpongeBob's Biggest Blunders. It was based with other SpongeBob episodes.