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The Donut of Shame is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season five. In this episode, Patrick thinks he stole SpongeBob's doughnut and tries to hide it from SpongeBob.

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February 27, after "Party Pooper Pants", "Skill Crane" and "Yours, Mine, and Mine".



It is the morning after Spongebob's House Party and he wakes up to see SpongeBob, who has a donut held in his hand. Since SpongeBob is knocked out, Patrick takes the donut. He runs home, and just as he is about to eat it, his phone rings, which is Spongebob calling. He says he will be right over to Patrick's house with a tape of yesterday. Patrick goes around the house, hiding the donut, but then, thinking SpongeBob will find it, and hides it. SpongeBob comes over and Patrick admits about taking the donut, and then SpongeBob says it is alright for him to take the donut. He shows Patrick the tape that shows him giving the donut to him as a present. Patrick then pulls the donut (although, nearly spoiled) in half and asks SpongeBob if he wants to share. SpongeBob accepts as he eats the half donut, only to make him sick and Patrick says "Pretty good, huh?" before the episode ends.


  • This is the third episode that the main event is happened inside Patrick's house, the first and second beingI'm with Stupid and Rise and Shine.
  • The title may be a reference to "The Dock of Shame" from Total Drama Island.
  • When SpongeBob is asleep, he has a 5 o'clock shadow.
  • Even though Patrick always doesn't wear a shirt, at the beginning of the episode when Patrick wakes up at SpongeBob's house, it shows his chest and nipples.
  • When SpongeBob steps on the donut, jelly squirts out. But when Patrick splits the donut, there is no jelly. When the jelly came out, Patrick was thinking it would happen, so perhaps the jelly was his imagination.
  • On the intro title card, the classic Castle Thunder sound effects can be heard.
  • This is one of the few episodes where the title card has animation.
  • When Patrick swallows the chain with the donut, he takes out the chain and it disappears.
  • Patrick falling repeatedly from his "attic" is similar to him falling repeatedly from Mount Climb-up and Fall-off.
  • 36th time Squidward doesn't appear.
  • Unlike the episode Yours, Mine and Mine, Patrick is generous.
  • This is the second time Patrick opens a cabinet and the things inside it fall down. First in "Rise and Shine."
  • Patrick's donut will be appearing again in the DS version of Truth or Square.
  • This is the 4 episode where it focuses on Patrick.
  • First time a donut talks.
  • When Patrick is talking to Angel Donut and Devil Donut he says, "I hate sprinkles!" but the donut is covered in sprinkles when he ate it.
  • There is a similarity to the Dexter's Laboratory episode, Backwards. Dexter eats a sandwich, but Dee Dee causes the machine to go into reverse, causing him to regurgitate his meal back into its unbitten, undigested form. Later on, Dad sees the sandwich and eats it. When he is seen again, he is sick from eating what was once in someone else's stomach. Likewise, Patrick swallows the donut, and retrieves it from his stomach, then shares it with Spongebob, who becomes sick after eating his half.
  • This is the second episode to have sound effects on title cards, the first being "Karate Island".
  • This is the tenth episode where its title card is being animated, the ninth being "All That Glitters".
  • At the part where Spongebob and Patrick split the donut it is shown dirty but Patrick still eats it while Spongebob wants to vomit.


  • When Patrick is outside, he has underpants on, but when goes into his rock, his pants are on.
  • When Patrick fell of from the "attic," Spongebob would have seen him with the donut.
  • SpongeBob said he filmed the whole thing, but when he puts it in Patrick's VCR it only plays from where SpongeBob wants Patrick to have the donut (maybe) he played part of it to check it worked before showing Patrick?)

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