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The Good Krabby Name
Season 8, Episode 177a
The Good Krabby Name.png
Air date September 3, 2012
Written by Luke Brookshier
Marc Ceccarelli
Derek Iversen
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Move It or Lose It

The Good Krabby Name is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season eight. In this episode, Mr. Krabs wants everyone in Bikini Bottom to eat at the Krusty Krab, so SpongeBob and Patrick go on an advertising blitz.


Before Krab Borg



One day, Mr. Krabs is shown looking through a telescope on the top of the Krusty Krab, spying on customers and taking pictures of Bikini Bottom residents. He then enters the restaurant and calls SpongeBob and Squidward into his office. He shows them the pictures of the customers and asks SpongeBob if he has seen any of them inside the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob says that he has not seen pretty much all of them and Squidward says that he prefers not to look directly at the customers, and thus does not know if any of them have been in the restaurant. Mr. Krabs then tells SpongeBob and Squidward that 2 percent of the residents of Bikini Bottom have not set foot in the Krusty Krab, and therefore, 2 percent of money not in his pocket. He tells them that he wants them to go out and promote the resturant, and SpongeBob is eager to do so, while Squidward refuses to, since he will not get overtime pay. The next scene, SpongeBob is shown coming out of a giant hole at the top of the Krusty Krab wearing a Krabby Patty costume and jumping off of a giant spatula. He asks a random fish if he has heard of the Krusty Krab, and he tells SpongeBob that he is just about to enter the restaurant. The man takes flyers that SpongeBob is offering about the Krusty Krab and leaves. Patrick is then shown watching SpongeBob, whom he believes to be evidence of the "invasion of the giant patties" from behind a giant rock. He then lunges out at his friend and tries to eat him. When SpongeBob tells him that he is inside the costume, Patrick thinks that the patty ate SpongeBob and continues to attack him, and launches him in the air. The costume lands on top of Plankton, who is about to go to the Krusty Krab to attempt to steal the Krabby Patty formula. Patrick makes sure that SpongeBob is okay, and SpongeBob tells him of his job to promote the Krusty Krab. Patrick tells SpongeBob that he needs an even bigger advertisement blitz. He is then shown shaving the message "Eat at the Krusty Krab" on SpongeBob's back, and painting the message on the walls with black paint. SpongeBob is then used to stamp the message all over downtown. A cop walks by and considers arresting them for graffiti, but then decides to go get a Krabby Patty instead. Patrick tells SpongeBob that he had hired a skywriter, but the skywriter falls out of the plane, holding a clipboard that says "Help me", and crashes onto the edge of a cliff. A scout leader and three campers are then shown, on a tour of the oldest tree in Bikini Bottom. However, the tree falls over when Patrick creates the advertisement out of its leaves. SpongeBob is then shown exiting a bathroom stall and telling a man that they had left a present for him. The man walks into the stall and sees that "Eat at the Krusty Krab" is written on every sheet of toilet paper. Patrick is then shown flying a plane with a banner advertisement in back, and SpongeBob is shown flying a blimp. Patrick almost crashes into SpongeBob, but somehow the blimp avoids the plane. They soon collide however, and both fall to the ground, screaming. A man expresses that if he sees the words "Krusty Krab" one more time, he will scream. When the blimp and plane both crash in front of him, and he sees that it says "Krusty Krab", he screams so loud, it sucks in the skin of SpongeBob and Patrick. When the skin gets unsucked, the two have each other's skin instead of their own. A cellphone is heard ringing inside of Patrick's pocket, and it turns out to be Mr. Krabs, calling them and telling them that their Advertisement Campaign is working well, and that the Krusty Krab is packed, as well as that some of the customers who had never previously entered the restaurant are now there. Squidward is shown cooking the patties as well as taking customer's orders. Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob and Patrick to continue doing what they have been doing, and to try to find the last 1 percent, which they are unsure of how to find. They realize that they did not advertise over a highway of boats, and SpongeBob is reluctant to do so, thinking that they will get run over. Patrick turns into a traffic cone and makes a truck stop, and "Eat at the Krusty Krab" is then painted on the truck's side by SpongeBob. The two then go back to the Krusty Krab to greet all of the new customers. SpongeBob goes back on the grill, and the last 1% enters the restaurant. Mr. Krabs grabs the customer and brings him to the top of Krusty Krab and gives him a Krabby Patty. He is glad that the advertising campaign had paid off.


  • Some of the hillbillies from Trenchbillies can be seen in the truck.
    • However, unlike the ones from the episode Trenchbillies, these ones had pupils.
  • Mr. Krabs states on how many people have never eaten a Krabby Patty. But in Just One Bite, SpongeBob seems so shocked when he found out that Squidward has never eaten one.
  • This is another moment Mr. Krabs goes mad for money.
  • Originally, this episode was having SpongeBob get a good nickname for the Krusty Krab.
  • This is the fourth time SpongeBob and Patrick have had each other's skin. After "Opposite Day", "Big Pink Loser", and "Roller Cowards".
  • This episode first aired with Squid Baby, a Season 9 episode despite this being a Season 8 episode.
  • Patrick refers to the previous episode, To Save A Squirrel, from season 5. When he said 'I know what to do, It's Eat Or Be Eaten'. This is the second episode in the series to reference a past episode. The first time wasWhelk Attack.
  • This episode reveals Patrick's outstanding fighting skills.
  • All the fish except the mailfish have been seen in The Krusty Krab unless Mr. Krabs didn't see them.
  • In several past episodes it is stated that everyone in Bikini Bottom has eaten at the Krusty Krab at least once meaning this episode has been in a past time.
  • This is the third time a highway is shown. The first two were Mid-Life Crustacean and SpongeBob's Last Stand.
  • The pictures Mr. Krabs was showing the pictures of the people, some of them actually eat there.
  • When this premiered, at the end of the episode, the credits showed the cast for The Good Krabby Name andMove It or Lose It instead of Squid Baby and The Good Krabby Name.
    • Though this might be because Squid Baby is a Season 9
  • Sixth time SpongeBob and Patrick put posters around town. The first was in Hall Monitor, the second was inWormy , the third was in Have You Seen This Snail?, the fourth was in The Pink Purloiner, and the fifth was in SpongeBob's Last Stand.
  • This is the only episode where Squidward actually can cook Krabby Patties.
    • However, in Breath of Fresh Squidward, Squidward managed to cook good Krabby Patties as well but that may be due to him turning nice.
    • It could also be that Squidward has learned how to make Krabby Patties, since recent episodes of the show has Squidward cooking them successfully.
  • Error: A brown fish said that he was going to scream if he saw another ad, but when the blimp crashed, he turned blue.
  • This is the third time Patrick helps advertise for the Krusty Krab. The other times were in the episodes No Hat for Pat and Chum Bucket Supreme.
  • In this the third time SpongeBob flies something himself, in this case, a blimp. He also flown a blimp inTreats! and also flown a plane in Have You Seen This Snail?
  • Mr. Krabs claims that two percent of the population of Bikini Bottom has not eaten at the Krusty Krab. The population of Bikini Bottom is about 3000 people, and two percent of that would be 60, meaning sixty people did not dine at the Krusty Krab as of the statistics. Yet, 60 people were not on the "did not eat here" list. Yet, only twelve people were on the list, making only 0.04% of the population has not eaten at the Krusty Krab. Yet, Shelia that was seen on the list did appear once in earlier episodes, and Thaddeus can be seen eating at the Krusty Krab in Krab Borg.
  • This is the second time since Spy Buddies that Mr. Krabs uses the stair lift.
  • Error: When Squidward left the Krusty Krab, he threw his hat on the ground near SpongeBob, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs. In the next shot, his hat wasn't there.
  • Error: When Patrick said he could see his house, SpongeBob's houses'walkway was solid black.
  • Goof: Mr. Krabs took a picture of an old lady without glasses but when he shows the picture to SpongeBob the old lady has glasses on.
  • When the boats fall off the highway accross from the Krusty Krab, the Chum Bucket is missing.
  • The title may be a reference from when SpongeBob says "The Krusty Krab Name" in the episode The Algae's Always Greener.

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