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The Great Patty Caper
Season 7, Episode 143
The Great Patty Caper.png
Air date November 11, 2010
Written by Casey Alexander
Zeus Cervas
Steven Banks
Dani Michaeli
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The Great Patty Caper is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season seven. In this episode, The key for the Krabby Patty secret recipe goes missing.

Time Cards Shown

  • 75 Years Later



SpongeBob goes into the freezer to find that the Krusty Krab has run out of Krabby Patties. He and Mr. Krabstry to make more, but cannot decide on the recipe. Krabs gives SpongeBob the key to the vault in which the recipe is hidden, and he and Patrick board a train to the bank for the safety deposit box. Sometime during the ride, the key to the box is stolen and SquarePants and Patrick Star must find the thief. Just then, Plankton walks up and Patrick searches him, but finds him clean. The duo stops the train to find the suspect responsible for stealing the key. A nanny and her baby were searched, only to find a stolen jewel that was stolen by triplets. The next suspect, the butler, was revealed to be a thief named Orin J. Ruffy who stole $75,000 worth of ham sandwiches. Spongebob cried hopelessly but soon found Patrick having the key; in fact, he found it while he cleaned SpongeBob's shorts. They went back into the train and were on their way to the bank. Eventually, Plankton bats them out of a window and the best friends must chase the train. It is revealed that Plankton has the key. SpongeBob morphs himself into a hang glider and he and Patrick fly back onto the train to pursue him. Once they return, SpongeBob and Patrick chase Plankton. But, Plankton disconnects the cars of the train, leaving SpongeBob and Patrick in the front car. SpongeBob and Patrick try to stop the train but Patrick stupidly breaks the brake (of the train) causing the train to go out of control. He made several weird, futile attempts to stop the train, one of which is to put a heavy object on the tracks. This only caused the train to flip and move forward while some of the wheels were off the track. The two manage to bring all wheels back in place when they stopped in front of a retirement home. Then, Patrick stupidly breaks the throttle, which he thought said "BRAKE". Meanwhile, Plankton was caught trying to steal the formula by Krabs. However, he still escapes with it, but the train came into the bank and stopped Plankton before he could leave. Plankton's plan failed again, and Krabs had to pay the damage to the bank with his bank account. 75 years later, SpongeBob, shown as an elderly, finishes the story of the "Great Train Caper". His grandson responds with a cheer in excitement over his video game.


When this episode aired on November 11, 2010, it gained an audience of 6.6 million viewers and the most watched non-sports broadcast on cable for the week of November 14, and second overall only to a Monday Night Football game between the Steelers and the Bengals. It was the most viewed episode since Truth or Square.


  • The Oceanic Express is a pun on the real train the Orient Express.
  • The original name for this episode was "Krabby Patty No More," as seen on some of the original character storyboards on Facebook. To take a look, click here.
  • Even though the amount of views of this episode The Great Patty Caper were very high, even after the premiere, some SpongeBob SquarePants (series) fans were disappointed due to the fact that out of all the suspects that Spongebob and Patrick accused, Sheldon Plankton was the culprit because of the fact that he is the main antagonist of the series.
  • This episode is also known as Mystery With a Twistery.
  • On one of the original storyboards, Patrick says the same line "Don’t touch me, I’m sterile!" from Season 1episode, SudsClick here to take a look at the storyboard.
  • This is said to be the first ever SpongeBob mystery except Patty Caper was a mystery too. This may be why it says "the first ever SpongeBob mystery special" in a later commercial.
  • In this episode, it is revealed that some of the Krabby Patty formula ingredients are flour, barnacle shavings, and either salt or turmeric (Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob couldn't agree which)
  • The name of the special was originally going to be called "Krabby Patty No More". Then, it was changed to "The Great Patty Caper", not to be confused with "Patty Caper". And the commercial said it was entitled "SpongeBob's Mystery With a Twistery."
  • This episode premiered first in Latin America and in Brazil, on October 14.
  • There are 3 shorts for this episode. The episode can be downloaded on iTunes and comes with these shorts.
  • Why was Mr. Krabs the one who had to pay to fix the bank? When it was acctually SpongeBob and Patrick who destroied it with the train.
  • This is the first appearance of Far-out-ville.
  • There is a deleted scene. It is SpongeBob and Patrick running from car to car when they were chasing Plankton. The extended version is still shown on NickToons and The reason this part was deleted was for more time for the commercials.
  • In this episode, Perch Perkins reveals that the Realistic Fish Head's real name is "Johnny."
  • The train is called the Oceanic Express. This is a reference to the Orient Express, which ran from Paris to Istanbul in the heyday of long-distance rail travel.
  • The only time card shown is "75 Years Later", implying that SpongeBob will live to be at least 99 years old.
  • When the runaway train goes through the tunnel, it flips around when it comes out to the other side.
  • When SpongeBob and Patrick look for Plankton in the train (before luggage was dumped on their heads), the people themselves change seats.
  • The sequence of the butler being unmasked at the end happens 4 times. First Squidward, then Sandy, thenPatrick, then SpongeBob.
  • At first Orin J. Ruffy is blue, but at the end, he is orange.
  • When SpongeBob and Patrick were chasing Plankton, they pass Nat Peterson who is asleep on the train. But when they call for help, Nat is at the Emergency station, even though he was supposedly on the train.
  • When Patrick gets knocked over at the lemonade stand, his mouth is closed while he is talking.
  • When Mr. Krabs was banging his head on the wall, his lips don't move when he says "it".
  • S.C.A.B.S. stands for "Salt Comes After Barnacle Shavings". This is a possible spoof to P.E.M.D.A.S. (Parentheses Exponents Multiplication Division Addition Subtraction).
  • This is also the second episode where everyone yells "We want Krabby Patties! We want Krabby Patties!" The first was in Truth or Square.
  • This is the first appearance of the Lady in Green. Second will be The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom.
  • Plankton is seen reading a book on mitosis, which is the process in which cells make copies of themselves
  • Sandy didn't appear in this episode, but she appears in a SpongeBob short called "What If The Mystery Ended This Way?"
  • The number of passenger cars keeps changing through out the episode.
  • When Plankton knocks Spongebob and Patrick out of the train, he is in the middle of the train, but when he says Thanks for the key, Plankton is in the caboose.
  • Gag: When the full moon was shown, a fish came out completely unknown to turn into a werewolf.
  • It seems that SpongeBob only suspects the people he met or ran into on the train.
  • Usually with mysteries the butler DOES commit the crime but the butler says he isn't one.
  • The process on how the formula went to Far-Out-Ville
  1. A small safe truck.
  2. A big safe truck escorted by cops on motorcycles.
  3. A Bikini Bottom Movers truck.
  4. A bullet train with the moving truck on it.
  5. A helicopter takes the platform from the train to a big jet.
  • The attempts of Patrick trying to stop the train are:
  1. Stop sign
  2. Lemonade Stand
  3. Putting a rock on the rails

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