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The Hot Shot
Season 8, Episode 154b
The Hot Shot
Air date June 18, 2011
Written by Aaron Springer
Derek Iversen
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The Hot Shot is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season eight. In this episode, SpongeBob gets driving lessons from the son of a legendary race-car driver.



The episode starts with SpongeBob skipping to Boating School, when he saw a lot of students cheering, thinking it was for him, and he starts thanking everyone, and before SpongeBob could fully thank Mrs. Puff (kissing the hand), Mrs. Puff pulls it away, telling Spongebob that the warm welcome wasn't for SpongeBob. He wonders who it was for, suddenly one of the students exclaims that it was for Tony Fast, a former legendary raceboat driver, and for Tony Fast Jr., Tony Fast's son. Tony Fast leaves, then, right after that, various students ask him to sign one of their possessions. Mrs. Puff blows her whistle, and tells everyone that Tony Fast Jr. will be treated normally. She asks him to go to the course, but then, ironically, she asks him to sign her lunchbox. Soon, he is on the course. The students are cheering for him (despite being told not to), then Tony Jr. starts driving. He makes puns on the actions he has to do (such as when making a turn, he says "Now it's my turn."), then Mrs. Puff starts thinking he might be the perfect way to get SpongeBob out of Mrs. Puff's life. She asks Tony Jr. to help SpongeBob with his driving, and when SpongeBob starts driving, Tony tries to explain that he must relax. After a few explanations, SpongeBob finally "becomes cool", and does the course perfectly. Sometime during that day (most likely the end of the school day), SpongeBob asks Tony Fast Jr. if he (Tony Fast Jr.) can teach him (SpongeBob) more. Tony says he can't, but SpongeBob politely says he refuses to take no as an answer. Tony Fast Jr. says he (SpongeBob) can come to his (Tony Fast Jr.) house later. He comes to his house, and Tony Fast Jr. asks if SpongeBob wants to look at Tony Fasts' vintage speedboat collection. He explains the car's specialness, and asks him which car is SpongeBob's favorite. SpongeBob picks his favorite, and the Tony Fast Jr. asks SpongeBob if he wants to take it for a spin. SpongeBob says yes, and they start driving around town. SpongeBob asks Tony Jr. if he is comfortable with him driving, as he feels a little nervous. Tony says he shouldn't, because it was his nerves that almost made them crash before. SpongeBob starts remembering his nerves, then Tony Jr. tells him to let go, so SpongeBob lets go of the wheel. They stay cool until they get to a red light. Then, suddenly, a fast driver asks for a racing competition. SpongeBob says yes, and the competition starts. After a while, the other racer starts to win, then SpongeBob SMASHES the pedal, causing him to go "Tony Fast". The woman with the other racer notices a parked police car, so the other racer slows down, leaving SpongeBob winning. Then he speeds past the cops, and they go into a high-speed chase. After "SpongeBob's" raceboat, a police car and a helicopter passes Tony Fast's car, Tony Fast starts chasing SpongeBob as well. Tony Fast Jr. tells SpongeBob to let go and be cool. SpongeBob finally snaps, yelling at Tony Fast Jr., trying to explain that letting go has gotten them into nothing good. Tony says he doesn't notice, but he shows SpongeBob that they are about to crash into Mrs. Puff's Boating School. After a trip to the hospital, Mrs. Puff tells the class that Tony Fast Jr. will no longer be in her class. Then she says that Tony Jr. taught them a valuable lesson. SpongeBob thinks it's "never argue and drive", but Mrs. Puff says that the lesson is "never let SpongeBob drive."


  • The episode's name is a reference to Hotshot, an Autobot from the Transformers franchise.
  • This is the third episode where SpongeBob learns from a different person about driving rather than Mrs. Puff. The first time was Boating School, in which Patrick gave him answers from a walkie-talkie. The second time was "Mrs. Puff, You're Fired." (unless you count SpongeBob's Boating Bash)
  • The Episode's name was probably inspired from 1997 Anime Cartoon,Bakuso Kyodai Let's & Go!!!
  • This is the 5th consecutive episode in the 8th season where Mr. Krabs doesn't make an appearance.
  • As seen in episodes such as Hall Monitor and Doing Time Mrs. Puff is arrested when SpongeBob gets in trouble with the law, but in this episode she doesn't get arrested.
  • The font of this title card has the same effect of the text in Extreme Spots.
  • As SpongeBob is racing with the gang in the street, they see the cops and speed ahead. But in the next scene SpongeBob passes them.
  • Tony Jr.'s name is a mixed parody of Tony Stewart, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Two of the most popular NASCAR drivers.
  • At the beginning there's a man who catches a fainting lady but in the next scene the man isn't holding anybody and the girl is awake.
  • This is the second time SpongeBob almost knows how to drive. The first was in Boating School.
  • This is the second time people drive. The first was Boat Smarts.
  • This episode is sequel to Boat Smarts.
  • During the SpongeBob's race, there is a sign that says click it or ticket. This is true to wear your seatbelt or else get a ticket.
  • Tony Jr. successfully taught SpongeBob how to drive! Unfortunately, the message was soon lost when SpongeBob panicked over the police following them for speeding.
  • At the first driving scene from Tony Fast Jr., he says some lyrics from "best thing I ever had" by Beyonce.
  • This is the another episode when Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, and Mr. Krabs are all absent.
  • When SpongeBob came to Tony Jr.'s house, TJ said that his PARENTS went out, but when they were being reckless, his dad was alone and just sitting in one of his race boat.
  • The colors of the letters in the title card are similar to the Logo for the old '90s Nickelodeon show Hey Dude(1989-1991)
  • At one point when Tony Jr. was talking to SpongeBob, he called him by "Bro-Jangles." This may be a reference to the real life chicken restaurant Bo-Jangles.
  • Odd that even though they broke the law by driving fast and all of the policemen were after them, neither SpongeBob or Tony Jr. got arrested.
  • In this episode, it appears that SpongeBob could read Mrs. Puff's mind as he wanted to know what "incorrigible" means and Mrs. Puff said that word while thinking. This is actually the second time someone has read another's mind. The first was in Big Pink Loser when Patrick read SpongeBob's mind saying "At least I'm safe inside my mind."
  • Aside from SpongeBob, none of the other main characters appears in this episode.
  • Tony Fast's name may be a reference to Fast Tony, a prehistoric armadillo from Ice Age: The Meltdown.
  • Running Gag: The Street Racer's girlfriend constantly saying "What he said!"

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