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The Splinter is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season six. In this episode, SpongeBob gets a splinter at work.

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The Krusty Krab opens at a seemingly average morning and SpongeBob is extremely happy. He gets the Krabby Patties ready and soon gets an order of two Krabby Patties plus an insult from Squidward, which is to no effect. His excitement eventually causes him to accidentally throw his spatula into the ceiling and when trying to get it out, he falls, nearly being injured by scissors and swords. Upon landing, all is well but he trips. His thumb drags across the wooden floor and rams into a small slab that breaks in half, giving him a splinter that immediately makes his thumb red and swollen. His weak arms keep him from getting it out and even biting it didn't work. The customer that ordered earlier is getting impatient and the splinter keeps SpongeBob from holding the spatula needed to serve him. He decides to tie it on his nose and Squidward soon finds out about it. Squidward then convinces SpongeBob that he will get sent home by Mr. Krabs if he sees the splinter and flushes his hat and spatula. SpongeBob begs Squidward not to get him sent home, but is unsuccessful. Squidward also hints that he'll tell Mr. Krabs about the splinter. After Squidward gets his full enjoyment about the situation, Mr. Krabs drives a customer away with his cheap behavior. SpongeBob calls Patrick to get treated for it, but the treatment only ends up with his splinter further into his thumb, making it swell more and even infecting it. SpongeBob soon runs into Mr. Krabs and Squidward. Mr. Krabs soon sees the splinter and takes it out, curing him and causing an eruption of pus to impact Mr. Krabs. Squidward discovers that he could get sent home early and still get paid by getting injured, called worker's compensation, so he tries to injure himself, only to find out his shift had ended two minutes ago.


  • Mr. Krabs must have known how to fix splinters which can be evidence of him being a doctor and whether his doctor commercial in "Truth or Square" is a hoax or not. However, it could be Patrick's garbage treatment actually worked, loosening the splinter.
  • When this episode premiered, a re-run of "Suction Cup Symphony" was paired with this episode.
  • When this episode premiered, the credits of "Spongicus" and "Suction Cup Symphony" were at the end of this episode.
  • When this episode re-ran on June 4, 2008, a rerun of "Krabby Road" was paired with this episode.
  • When this episode re-ran on June 4, 2008, the credits of "House Fancy" and "Krabby Road" were at the end of this episode.
  • When this episode re-ran on June 6, 2008, a rerun of "Spongicus" was paired with this episode.
  • The credits of "Slide Whistle Stooges" was at the end of the episode.
  • It aired on April 17, 2009 right after SpongeBob vs. The Big One.
  • When Patrick puts SpongeBob's foot in his mouth, you can see his shoe and sock is removed. When the scene cuts back to SpongeBob and Patrick, the sock is still on his foot, and when Patrick removes the foot from his mouth, the shoe is also on.
  • This is the second time SpongeBob has something stuck in the kitchen, the first time was in Employee of the Month. Ironically, both started at the grill and became stuck on the ceiling.
  • This is the second time Patrick impersonates a doctor. This first was "Suds". Both times he is confident on how to do his job. Though Patrick should be arrested for impersonating a doctor (for being a quack doctor), as Sandy says in "Suds ".
  • In "Suction Cup Symphony", SpongeBob would be the doctor instead and Patrick doesn't know this during The Splinter.
  • If you look closely when the spatula is in the freezer getting the Krabby Patties, there is a frozen caveman.
  • In one scene, SpongeBob's eyebrows are burned off by the grill. In the next scene, they are back.
  • The title card music is the same as Jellyfish JamDying for Pie, and Good Ol' Whatshisname.
  • When Squidward finds out that Spongbob got injured on the job, he flushes Spongbob's hat and spatula down the toliet. After getting an "appointment" with Patrick, Spongbob hears Mr. Krab coming. When Squidward and Mr. Krabs enter in the kitchen, Spongebob hid his right hand in his hat, so Spongbob must have had a spare hat.

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