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The Sponge Who Could Fly is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season three. In this episode, SpongeBob wishes to fly with the jellyfish.

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(Patchy segment)

(SpongeBob segment)


Potty the Parrot tells him that the kids are here to see the lost episode. However, Patchy says that he has lost the lost episode, and tells the kids to forget about SpongeBob. The French Narrator introduces a segment called "Remembering SpongeBob", a musical montage of clips from past episodes from seasons 1-3.

After a long treasure hunt where Patchy finds a tape that holds the episode, he puts it in. The tape shows a long clip of SpongeBob doing walk cycles (like walking with tounge wiggling out of his mouth) to upbeat music before abruptly showing the EBS color bars. After Patchy sees this, he proclaims that "SpongeBob betrayed us!" and throws out all his SpongeBob merchandise and runs away. However, Potty informs him that the tape is not over and that the real lost episode is about to begin. As a countdown to that starts, Patchy excitedly says, "Really?!" and his throwing everything away is rewinded and the episode begins.

The SpongeBob episode begins with SpongeBob wishing he could fly with the Jellyfish. He makes several attempts to do so, including a biplane, which malfunctions and destroys Farmer Jenkins' grain silo, bat wings, a garden chair with balloons, and a giant kite pulled by a bicycle. After his failed attempts are witnessed by others, he becomes known as "The Birdman of Bikini Bottom" and is ridiculed. He tells the people that "it is a sad day in Bikini Bottom, when a guy is ridiculed for having dreams!" The people tell him that they all had unfulfilled dreams, and form a mob and start chasing him for thinking he is more important than them. SpongeBob runs off a cliff and falls into a truck of mud, then into a truck of feathers.

SpongeBob is shown in his house, having given up on his dream. He begins to dry his hair, when he receives an insulting phone call from a "fan" of the "Birdman", and puts the hair dryer in his pants. While he talks, the hair dryer inflates his pants, giving him the ability to fly. He goes around helping people, earning their admiration and becoming a superhero of sorts. However, the people continue to ask increasingly unnecessary favors of him, leaving him no time to fly with the jellyfish. When he tries to escape to Jellyfish Fields, the people form a mob and chase him, but are unable to catch him. However, Cannonball Jenkins blasts SpongeBob, destroying the pants and sending him plummeting to the ground. The people mourn to Spongebob's death, but they just mourned the pants.

SpongeBob is is about to go home, but suddenly, the jellyfish help him fly. They take him home as he sings an intentionally corny song about how all you need to fly is friendship. As he says goodbye to the jellyfish, Patrick says "Hey, SpongeBob, let's fly down to the Pizza House for a slice.", and SpongeBob says "No flying for me, Patrick. I'll leave that to the jellyfish." Patrick then says "Suit yourself." and flies off like a superhero does. SpongeBob says "Did Patrick just...? Nah!" and the episode ends.

After the episode, Patchy attempts to play it again but doesn't know how to play it. He and Potty press a lot of buttons on the remote but the tape wears out and comes pouring out of the player, causing Patchy to get tangled in it. The episode ends with the narrator saying to the viewers to get lost.


  • The title is nearly identical to The Boy Who Could Fly, it is also almost identical to one of the most popular books, The Girl Who could Fly.
  • SpongeBob's ideas for his flying machine allude many other flying machines, such as the plane at Kitty Hawk, the bat suit from Batman, and a lawn chair with balloons.
  • The title card of this episode is possibly a parody of The Simpsons logo, although this is likely coincidental.
  • The fake episode with SpongeBob dancing while walking has become an internet meme.
  • Patchy's eyepatch switches between his left and right eye throughout the episode.
  • Netflix's title for this is "The Sponge who Could Fly/Lost Episode Patchy".
  • Lou is shown in his younger version in this episode, when he was older in "Party Pooper Pants", which predates this episode.
  • When Patchy flips to the sports channel John Elway can be seen.
  • Here are a list of things SpongeBob done to help Bikini Bottomites.
    • Saved Mrs. Puff's snail from a tree.
    • Helped Mr. Krabs reclaim his dime.
    • And saved Patrick from a mime.
    • Saving Plankton from kelp.
    • Scratched Patrick's belly.
    • Cleaned out Mr. Krabs' garage.
    • Cleaned Squidward's bath.
    • Helped Plankton spread the sign of evil
    • Helped Larry pick a tie.
  • When this episode played before "Dunces and Dragons" aired for the first time it was shortened and ended with SpongeBob landing in the feather truck.
  • When Potty says "Patchy, come back", captions say "Patrick, come back".
  • The fish who says "No, he owes us favors!" is wearing the exact same outfit as SpongeBob, minus the red tie. He also looks identical to Fred, but is purple in color.
  • This is the second time Fred wears the same clothes as Spongebob (brown trousers, black belt and a white shirt). The first time was in Squilliam Returns
  • When Mrs. Puff says "help, please help", the captions has a woman's name who says "help, please help" instead of Mrs. Puff's name.
  • SpongeBob actually did fly in "Wormy", "Jellyfish Hunter", "Krusty Towers" and "Hall Monitor".
  • In the Hebrew version of this episode "Joe Mama" is called "סתם אחד" which means "just one".
  • In the Hebrew version of this episode, the line "And I'll save Patrick from this mime" is translated "ואציל את פטריק מחנוך רוזן" which means "And I'll save Patrick from Hanoch Rozen". Hanoch Rozen is an Israeli mime.
  • The clown on TV in the Patchy the Pirate segment is writer Kent Osborne.
  • In the storyboard for this episode, there is a scene where Don's Import Store and Delicatessen is simply called "Shop N Shop", and the owner says that no pirates are allowed.
  • Mrs. Puff's snail is similar to Squidward's snail, Snellie, from "The Great Snail Race". Mrs. Puff clearly states in the song, "I've had her since I was a little girl.", while Squidward ordered Snellie.
  • When Mr. Krabs says "And the recyclables?", SpongeBob says "Ah, shrimp.", but the captions say "Now that you mention it." But when this episode aired on October 8, 2012 the DIRECTV captions said "Ah, shrimp". though this may only be for DIRECTV users
  • Before the commercial break during the televised version, the French Narrator says "Will SpongeBob be able to fly? Stay tuned." On the Lost at Sea and Absorbing Favorites DVDs, it just fades black and goes to the next scene.
  • Excluding the Patchy the Pirate segments (including the fake lost episode), this episode is only about sixteen minutes long.
  • Nancy Suzy Fish wears pink clothes in this episode other than her usual yellow clothing.
  • This episode was used as the basis for the plot of SpongeBob Live, a musical currently touring in Britain.
  • Sandy does not appear in this half-hour episode, while Squidward, Patrick, Mr. Krabs, Plankton, Mrs. Puff, and Gary all appear.
  • The storyboard includes a deleted scene with Patchy ripping off a SpongeBob band-aid while he is destroying his SpongeBob stuff, although he is not seen ripping it off in reverse.
  • This episode had 7 million viewers on its premiere night.
  • Patrick might have been gliding through the water when he flew.
  • Potty the Parrot turned the TV on by laying an egg which hit the remote.
  • On Patchy's clips of the show, it claims the second appearance of Popcorn and Soda. First was Ugh.
  • In the book, there was a scene when SpongeBob was walking back to his house, being laughed at. At one point, a pressman snaps a picture of SpongeBob in feathers. This is obviously the deleted scene, as it never showed on TV.
  • This episode has three different names.
  • On Amazon, it is called "SpongeBob Airpants".
  • The scene where Bikini Bottomites need Spongebob's unnecessary help is similar to "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II".
  • This is the second time all the citizens made fun of SpongeBob. the first being "Grandma's Kisses".
  • This is the first and so far only episode that we see Mr. Krab's garage.
  • When Spongebob flies out of his pineapple he is about the same size as it.
  • On Patchy's TV says Episode 118 but this is the 115th Episode and the 118th Episode is Fear of a Krabby Patty
  • This episode was originally meant to be the series finale of SpongeBob, told by the "Remembering SpongeBob" segment, showing clips from the past three seasons, but this episode is not the series finale.

Remembering SpongeBob

Episodes shown, in order of appearance:

  1. "As Seen on TV"
  2. "Bubblestand"
  3. "The Chaperone"
  4. "Pizza Delivery"
  5. "SB-129"
  6. "Help Wanted"
  7. "Valentine's Day"
  8. "Tea at the Treedome"
  9. "Ripped Pants"
  10. "Karate Choppers"
  11. "Grandma's Kisses"
  12. "F.U.N."
  13. "Pizza Delivery" (again)
  14. "Naughty Nautical Neighbors"
  15. "MuscleBob BuffPants"
  16. "Home Sweet Pineapple"
  17. "Boating School"
  18. "Band Geeks"
  19. "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy"
  20. "Nature Pants"
  21. "Karate Choppers" (again)
  22. "Reef Blower"
  23. "F.U.N." (again)
  24. "The Paper"


Original Music

  • Bubble Beat Box - SpongeBob's walk cycles. {Theo Mondle}
  • I Wish I Could Fly - SpongeBob's 1st song. {Eban Schletter, Paul Tibbitt, Kent Osborne}
  • He's Flying - SpongeBob's 2nd song. {Eban Schletter, Paul Tibbitt, Kent Osborne}
  • All You Need is Friendship - SpongeBob's 3rd song. {Eban Schletter, Paul Tibbitt, Kent Osborne}

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