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Truth or Square is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season six. In this episode, During a Krusty Krab anniversary celebration, SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs accidentally get locked in the freezer, and must make their way out through a maze of air ducts.

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Patchy the Pirate is waiting on SpongeBob to show up at the TV Extravaganza, with no reply, he thinks back to all of the time SpongeBob gave him no reply, so he goes to find SpongeBob, and ride his boat to Bikini Atoll. SpongeBob wakes up in the morning, with the help of many alarm clocks lined up to the foghorn clock, only to blow out more clocks, this wakes SpongeBob up, he then reveals that it is the eleventy-seven year anniversarysince Mr. Krabs opened the Krusty Krab, he then rushes the way of the restaurant when, he bumps into other fish in line to get to the restaurant, and he knows that he cannot be late for this, so he jumps over the crowd's heads. SpongeBob arrives at the Krusty Krab and Mr. Krabs reminds them to keep a close eye on all of the doors, and entrances, that includes the air vents, to make sure that Plankton does not sneak in. Meanwhile Plankton was talking to his computer wife about how he was a failure for 50 years of business, so he decided that he would sneak in while the Employees and Krabs were distracted by the festivities. After Patchy ran off, P!nk and the other celebrities where waiting for their turn in the extravaganza, so they sang a song titled, We've Got Scurvy. He then gives SpongeBob the ability to decorate, Squidward reminds Krabs what happened the other time SpongeBob got to decorate, but this time he was going to use the resources that he already had in the restaurant, and made it look great, they then went to see the ice sculpture that he had made for the Krabby Patty, but the door locks them in the freezer, so they hire Patrick Star, who had been hired for Security, were locked in the freezer, so they climbed into the duct system to escape, and make their way through a giant maze of air ducts. SpongeBob then remembered the first time he ate a Krabby Patty, and he apparently loved it, even though when he had it he wasn't born yet. Mr. Krabs found a wrapper, from an older Patty, Krabs then had a flashback from the old Krusty Krab commercial. SpongeBob and the gang then go into another room, and it has many cameras, and they saw that everyone's houses were on camera, Krabs doesn't know what to say, but there is also two men recording them at that very minute, Meanwhile Plankton was having trouble trying to find the Krabby Patty Formula, and eventually he fell right to the duct the gang was in, while Krabs had split up to find another way. Patchy is almost to Bikini Bottom when he is eaten by a whale. He then remembers the time that Krabs told him the formula, and Plankton failed to find out what it is because the Krabs in the flashback threw Plankton down an air duct. Then they eventually came to the point where SpongeBob was being remembered by Squidward, the times before he moved in and the day that it happened. Krab's wallet was going crazy about all of the loose change, so Krabs let it go to get some money, only to be picked up by a unsuspecting man. After they failed an attempt to call her on a radio transmitter to come and rescue them when Patrick destroys it and all of Bikini Bottom came to the play. SpongeBob then remembered a play where him and Sandy are married. Now Patchy the Pirate was stuck in the belly of a whale, and he played the Scenes of SpongeBob before it aired(including the Squidward, Patrick & Mr. Krabs theme song), his camera goes haywire and the whale spits him out, right back into the studio, where he is knocked unconscious and he believed he was meeting SpongeBob, he then was knocked out again, and it was just a dream, the celebrities in the studio then told him he can see Spongebob everywhere, and he is knocked unconscious again. At this point SpongeBob used all of the gang as a battering ram, and got them out, only to discover that all of the customers were gone, and then SpongeBob sang the Krusty Krabs song, Oh,Krusty Krab, which brought all of the customers back, and they started singing in a circle, and then the Krusty Krab was in business, and everyone was happy, Plankton on the other hand was discovered by Mr. Krabs, and was blown into a balloon after he pleads with him to not launch him. The episode ends with SpongeBob wishing the Restaurant happy 117th anniversary.


  • SpongeBob's first visit to the Krusty Krab.
  • Squidward sleeping on the job.
  • Mr. Krabs launching Plankton.
  • The times SpongeBob decorates the Krusty Krab.
  • The first Krusty Krab commercial.
  • Mr. Krabs telling SpongeBob the Krabby Patty Formula.
  • Squidward's life before SpongeBob moved to Bikini Bottom.
  • SpongeBob moving into Bikini Bottom.
  • SpongeBob and Sandy's wedding (However since the justice of the peace didn't know it was a play it means he was performing a official ceremony so therefore they legally are married).
  • When SpongeBob sings "Oh Krusty Krab Oh Krusty Krab"


  • This is the first episode with the new Nickelodeon change- orange lowercase letters that spell nick.
  • The title card is similar to that of "Waiting," though the background with different colors is replaced with a spongey yellow background, the kelpo toys are replaced with sponges, and is in widescreen.
  • The new logo was adopted in 2009.
  • In Latin America the title was called Stuck in the Freezer.
  • This is the third episode to have an alternate theme song. The first is Christmas Who? and the second wasWhat Ever Happened to SpongeBob?.
  • It is revealed that Tina Fey is also a fan of SpongeBob when she said "I'm not much of a singer, but I love SpongeBob."
  • This is the first time in the SpongeBob SquareBants series that stop motion was used the second time wasFrozen Face-Off, the third time was in It's a SpongeBob Christmas!
  • This is the very first special to be broadcasted in widescreen (16:9 or 1:78:1) format to fit a HDTV.
  • The original title of this movie was The Great Escape!. The book still labels this title.
  • This continues the theme of every SpongeBob movie premiering in November (Atlantis SquarePantis and The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie also premiered in November).
  • This episode premiered on Friday, November 6, 2009, to an audience of 7.7 million viewers, making it the third highest viewed Nick premiere of 2009, behind iFight Shelby Marx and iQuit iCarly.
  • This movie gained a largely positive feedback from fans (unlike most post-movie episodes, which have been criticized for declining quality). Episodes from the later 7th and 8th seasons are also receiving high review scores. The reason could be because, due to reaching the Tenth Anniversary and looking back on the early years, the show may have regained some of the quality it lost after the movie.
  • In the German version it aired on the 7th of November, a day after it airs in the USA on the 6th.
  • A new opening made in stop-motion was shown for this episode. It will be used again in stop-motion specialIt's a SpongeBob Christmas!.[1]
  • The title is a spoof to the game and movie "Truth or Dare".
  • This is the second TV Movie of the series. The first was Atlantis SquarePantis.
  • It is revealed that SpongeBob did not grow up in Bikini Bottom, and why Squidward dislikes him so much.
  • This is the fourth time SpongeBob calls Gary as "Gary the Snail". The previous episodes were DumpedGary Takes a Bath, and Fungus Among Us.
  • Besides the clips showing Squidward sleeping on duty where it proves Squidward lied he never sleeps on duty, he was sleeping on duty in the episodes WigstruckGullible PantsKrusty Krab Training Video, and the PC-Random videogame "Operation: Krabby Patty", also in To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants.
  • On the first rerun, all the first Patchy scenes were removed and the episode starts with the "extravaganza", and additional scenes were shown.
  • The old SpongeBob cartoon is similar to the old Disney and Fleischer cartoons (e.g., Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie).
  • At the very beginning of the episode instead of playing his nose as a flute, SpongeBob plays it as atrombone.
  • The Nick Mag with the SpongeBash party on it has the lyrics for the other character's theme songs inside.
  • In the U.S., this episode was originally going to air on November 9 but later it was moved to November 6.
  • Even though SpongeBob and Sandy's wedding was a play, SpongeBob calls it "...the time me and Sandy got married."
  • When Sandy was in her wedding dress, the patch of tan fur on her torso didn't extend to above her breasts, as it normally does.
  • During the credits for this episode, instead of the usual theme music, Squidward sings the song "Beautiful Dreamer", with some lyrics changed.
  • For some reason Truth or Square (episode) and Truth or Square (video game) have different stories. In the episode, SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward and Mr. Krabs get locked in the freezer and get lost in the vents. But in the video game, SpongeBob keeps the Krabby Patty formula somewhere safe but forgets where he kept it.
  • It is revealed that SpongeBob has 3 moles and a birthmark on his back.
  • In the beginning, when SpongeBob leaves his house after singing he bumps into Harold, who is in a line going all the way to the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob declares he cannot be late and jumps on the fish heads. If you listen and watch closely you can hear that the men fish have women voices and the women fish have men's voices.
  • The theme song is sung by Cee Lo Green.
  • Although it was just a dream, this is the second time Patchy the Pirate meets the real SpongeBob. The first was Atlantis SquarePantis.
  • A deleted line in the marriage scene after the priest says he didn't know the wedding was play, SpongeBob says, "It doesn't have to be", which causes Sandy to slap him.
  • On August 18, 2012 a version of this episode premiered in which the episode was ended after the marriage scene. It is unknown if it would be like that from now on, or if it was just to show off more things in the commercials (such as the complete Big Time Rush music video).
  • If he said that, this could revealed that SpongeBob has a crush on Sandy.
  • Mr. Krabs breaks the fourth wall twice by mentioning flashbacks.
  • According to the timeline of SpongeBob SquarePants, This episode was set before SB-129.
  • This is the first time we see SpongeBob's mother hair in a bun and not hat, later seen again in A SquarePants Family Vacation.
  • A Dunces and Dragons poster can be seen in the room Patchy was in.
  • This special has 3 opening parodies, with Patrick, Mr. Krabs, and Squidward replacing Spongebob. Also, there was different mouths that Painty had (because there weren't Steven's mouth because he did the voice of Spongebob, there were the voice actors of the 3 characters). So that's probably everything that happened before SpongeBob.
  • Oh-Krusty Krab was a parody of Oh Christmas Tree.
  • This is the 2nd time Squidward gets jammed in the freezer. the 1st time was "SB-129".
  • First time there were happy jumping objects.
  • The eleventy-seventh anniversary was based on "Lord of the Rings" where Bilbo says it is his eleventy-first birthday.
  • There are four different versions of this episode:
    • Version 1: The general version of the episode, that aired on Nick the day it premiered and the version used on Netflix.
    • Version 2: An alternate version of the episode, that is used in most syndicated versions. This version removes the Patchy scenes at the beginning, as well as celebrity cameos by Rosario Dawson, Lebron James, Tina Fey, Will Ferrell, Craig Ferguson, and Robin Williams. This version starts with the extravaganza portion, and there are various lines that version 1 does not have.
    • Version 3: The extended version of the episode, that was only released on home video. It is a combination of versions 1 and 2, and it also contains various deleted scenes that are not found in either versions. Deleted scenes include a cameo by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, a scene with Robin Williams in the bathroom, and an extended epilogue, where the narrator compares Patchy to Blackbeard the Pirate.
    • Version 4: on the 8/18/12 airing the celebrity cameos and Patchy scenes were present but the SpongeBob portion ends at the marriage (the credits start during this scene) and the patchy portion ends at the scene when he gets eaten by the whale
  • When SpongeBob is talking about when he first moved in, you can also see a part where he says "Hey Patrick! Guess who just moved in next door!". This is weird because SpongeBob actually knew Patrick's name even though he just moved in. but according to the episode The Secret Box he has been Patrick’s best friend since they met in the hospital they were born in.
  • There is a 50/50 chance this episode could have been a Thanksgiving episode due to it being in November and the celebration.
  • Mr. Krabs says that the air ducts are under the Krusty Krab, but they are above it
  • If a baby was able to pull out its umbilical cord in real-life, it will die because the cord is acting like a oxygen tube.
  • When SpongeBob laughs after saying "Yee-haw!" in a flashback, his laugh sounds gargled but on the next scene, his laugh is normal.
  • When they flashback to every time SpongeBob decorated, the 2 fish at the Krusty Krab are the same.
  • The is the second episode where Squidward is crushed by the pineapple, the first episode is Home Sweet Pineapple.
  • When Patchy was driving the boat past the studio, you can see a drawing of Squidward on the wall of the studio.
  • In the flashback of the time SpongeBob first visited the Krusty Krab SpongeBob's mother is pregnant with SpongeBob, but in Your Shoe's Untied , SpongeBob is shown to have been in an egg before he was born.
  • If this episode ever has a sequel, the year would be 2019.
  • This episode would be 22 minutes without the Patchy segments.
  • When Patchy yells "What?! What do you mean he is not coming!" his hook is on his left hand but when he leaves the studio, the hook is on his right hand
  • This is one of the few episode's Patrick's fighting ability is shown.
  • Goof: When Plankton falls down an air duct, and lands in the one SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs, and Squidward are in in their last scene in the duct system, that duct is underground, but later in the episode when Mr. Krabs throws his wallet out through the peephole, and when they escape, the duct is above the ground. 


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