Twinkle Nora Rock Me pony video disc laser cover art
Twinkle Nora Rock Me! is a November 21, 1985 Japanese video animation with a run time of 29 minutes. Twinkle Nora Rock me is a sequel to 'Nora' directed by Kazuhito Kikuchi which came out the same year.


After helping put an end to a hostage situation at a spaceport (where spaceplanes are launched), Nora Scholar is hired by the Galaxy Police to head to planet Dazzle to capture Fuuchelle, a notorious bounty who heads a planet of crooks and the like along side his brother Toche. Nora is chosen for the job because of her ESP abilities as Fuuchelle is notable for his own ESP talent. After landing on the planet and brawling with locals Nora befriends Max, a dwarf on the planet who she convinces to take her to Fuuchelle. But Fuuchelle reveals himself to her and the two do battle with pysionic powers until Nora arises the victor. Fuuchelle is turned over to the Galaxy Police and Nora along with Max put on a show accompanied by a Cyborg from the planet Dazzle.


Statomi Mikuriya, who created the Manga 'Nora no Hakobune' of which the first OAV is based on returned as director, writer, and art designer for this OAV. Music was by Yuji Ohno.

Reception and Release

Twinkle Nora Rock Me was only released  on Video Disc once with no re-release.

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