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Vectrex is a second generation home game console released by Smith Engineering in 1981. 

About it[]

The Vectrex was released for family entertainment but the majority of players were not family.

The vector-displayed images became a failure and the 3D used to cause eye strain. The Video Game Crash of 1983 managed to bring the Vectrex out of the market and into landfill sites.


  • The best-selling game for the console is MineStorm, a remake of the Atari game, Asteriods.
  • Spike, one of the games released for the console in 1982 is one of the first games ever to have speech (although the Vectrex couldn't pull this off).

    The graphics of the games was the result of the Vectrex's failure.

  • Spike, who is a cat-like creature is Vectrex's mascot.
  • The Vectrex was considered a failure in some countries.