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What Ever Happened to SpongeBob? is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season five. In this episode, SpongeBob develops amnesia and goes missing. This episode is one of Spongebob Squarepants specials.

What Ever Happened to SpongeBob





SpongeBob wakes up on a normal day as usual. He looks out his window and sees the mailman riding by on his bike. He says "Hi" to the mailman. This causes the mailman to get distracted and the mailman is killed by a truck that crashes into him. After that, SpongeBob wants to spend time with his friends; however, he ends up upsetting them. He accidentally breaks Gary's shell, crushes Patrick's cake, disturbs Squidward's beauty sleep, destroys Sandy's robot and deep fries Mr. Krabs' money. SpongeBob decides to leave Bikini Bottom, as all his friends started to hate him (and cruelly calling him "idiot boy"). As he leaves, he is attacked by canibals who attempt to kill & devour him. While he runs from the canibals, he falls off a cliff and bumps his head, he gets a lump but his bundle hits him on his head knocking him unconscious. Back in Bikini Bottom, Patrick and Sandy (who had supposedly come over to apologize to SpongeBob for the other day) find Gary who is extremely huge and overweight and a note from SpongeBob, explaining that he has left forever. Everybody is upset and guilty that SpongeBob is gone, with the obvious exception of Squidward, who is delighted (Sandy suggest a search party, but Squidward would like a celebration party instead).

Meanwhile, SpongeBob wakes up with amnesia. A couple of fish give him a new name, "CheeseHead BrownPants", so that they can steal his possessions and take advantage of his amnesia. All SpongeBob has left is a bottle of bubble soap. He wanders around until he ends up in New Kelp City (a parody of New York City) where he attempts to get a job. Each time he gets a job he uses his bubble blowing ability to help him, but this strikes fear into all the residents of the city. This activity attracts the attention of the Bubble Poppin' Boys and their leader, Trevor (voiced by Ray Liotta) who have scared the city into never blowing bubbles. SpongeBob uses his ability to get rid of the gang and is rewarded by getting the position of mayor of New Kelp City.

Back in Bikini Bottom, Mr. Krabs is hoping for the return of SpongeBob so he can prepare Krabby Patties, while Patrick and Sandy want their friend back. Squidward does not seem to care until Mr. Krabs offers him a reward of a Fabergé egg. He then reluctantly chooses his love of art over his hatred of SpongeBob and the trio see a newspaper stand showing news of SpongeBob's position as mayor, but when they go to New Kelp City to retrieve him behind Squidward's back, he cannot remember them. They then manage to kidnap SpongeBob and return him to the Krusty Krab, but he wants to return to New Kelp City. Squidward, who does not care if SpongeBob stays or not slips on a greasy spatula and accidentally throws his egg onto SpongeBob's head. The impact gives SpongeBob his memory back, and Mr. Krabs, Sandy, and Patrick apologize for running him out of town. But even so, SpongeBob still wants to return to his position as mayor, because he feels bubble blowing needs to be commonplace in; New Kelp City society. At that moment a news report comes on the television saying that the bubbles in New Kelp City are causing mayhem, and he is being threatened by a thug. Upon hearing this, SpongeBob has second thoughts about going back to New Kelp City, and decides to stay in Bikini Bottom. And then Squidward's head opens and he throws his brain in the garbage when SpongeBob change back... Forever.


  • In this episode, Patrick is seen to be strong enough to lift the road when searching for Spongebob. But in "Krusty Krushers", Patrick is seen to be so weak he can't rip a piece of paper in half.
  • This is the second episode to have an alternate theme song. The first one is "Christmas Who?" and the third one is "Truth or Square".
  • Despite Patrick calls Spongebob "idiot boy", he is more stupid than him.
  • First time Spongebob is called "idiot boy".
  • This is the third episode where a main character runs away from Bikini Bottom and goes to an unknown place. The first was Squidward in "Squidville" and the second was Gary in "Have You Seen This Snail?".
  • This episode was advertised as " WhoBob WhatPants?".
  • In One Coarse MealPlankton said to SpongeBob "Go away Cheesehead!", a possible reference to this episode.
  • This is the first episode with a full character displayed on the title card.
  • There was a hole in the top of Spongebob's water helmet, however when he went back out into the water outside the treedome, you could still see the top of the water in his helmet despite the fact there was a hole in the top of the helmet.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dollar could possibly be a spoof of Jack and Rose from the movie Titanic..
  • The title of the episode is a parody of the novel What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? by Henry Farrell, complete with the words "what" and "ever" being separate from each other.
  • This is the second time Sandy is seen crying. The first one was "Texas". However, it can be said that she cried in "Ripped Pants" and "Pre-Hibernation Week ," but very loosely.
  • Sandy appeared to be either MIG or TIG welding. However, she had no protective clothes on except for her head shield (especially dangerous as she is covered in fur), and her gloves appeared to be rubber instead of rawhide.
  • Mr. Krabs' nose swells up and explodes with a jet of water. Real-life crabs can do it but don't squirt water through their nose, they can squirt it from their eyes.
  • This is also the second time Sandy's helmet filled with tears. The first was in "Texas".
  • In "Texas", Sandy uses a handle to flush her tears out of her helmet. However in this episode she is not seen using it.
  • This is the second time Eugene H. Krabs tells SpongeBob SquarePants not to come back in the Krusty Krab for work. The first was SquidBob TentaclePants.
  • How come SpongeBob did not care that he was late for work?
  • Here are the things what SpongeBob done to get called Idiot Boy.
  • He accidentally destroyed Patrick's mother's birthday cake.
  • Disturbed Squidward's beauty sleep.
  • Tripped over and splashed water on Sandy's robot.
  • Accidentally knocks Mr. Krabs' dollars in the French fry frier.
  • In "New Digs ", SpongeBob was one minute late and Mr. Krabs was okay with this. In this episode, he is not okay with Spongebob being 10 seconds late. He however, did say "don't do it again!"
  • Bikini Bottom's population is revealed to have been 538 (SpongeBob crosses out the eight before leaving, so the population was 537 for the duration of the episode).
  • The mayor of New Kelp City is seen in the episode The Great Snail Race.
  • Ray Liotta have been three times of been a voice actor: as Tommy Vercetti protagonists of video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, as Leader Poppin Boy in this episode and as himself in the 2007 animated film Bee Movie.
  • New Kelp City is an obvious parody of New York City.
  • This is the first time SpongeBob appeared on a title card.
  • This episode shows Squidward as the main semi-antagonist.
  • According to Patrick when Sandy was asking him where was SpongeBob, he said that he has been knocking on SpongeBob's door for 3 hours.
  • While walking in New Kelp City, SpongeBob asks a random fish, "Is there something wrong with me?". After that, a hideous face of SpongeBob is shown, which has become an internet meme around YouTube. The fish is also the one who ordered the monster krabby patty from the episode All That Glitters.
  • NOTE: New Kelp City is similar to the city of Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring, especially in the night time.
  • In a scene where Sandy pounced the door, Patrick landed on his milkshake, but his milkshake was intact, which is physically impossible, unless it went up his mouth.
  • The Bubble Poppin' Boys are a parody of The Burger Palace Boys in the original musical Grease.
  • When Squidward is shown driving Spongebob's limo the front flag is missing.
  • Nat is shown in Bikini Bottom and in New Kelp City.
  • Mr. Krabs reads spongebob's note without an eyesight problem, but in "Greasy Buffoons", he reads with glasses.
  • Most of the citizens of NKC are citizens of Bikini Bottom.
  • This is the second time Gary the Snail has eaten a lot of food like the year's supply of snail food he just ate which is not seen and got extremely huge and overweight. The first episode Gary gets fat and got fed by grandma was in "Have You Seen This Snail?"
  • When Squidward says "You mean this can actually find Spongebob" his voice is out of sync with the animation.
  • Squidward's hatred for Spongebob is clearly demonstrated in this episode, as he attempts to sabotage the search efforts, to the point where Mr. Krabs has to bribe him.
  • When Spongebob puts his pants on, his shoes are automatically on.
  • When "Mr. Dollar and Mrs. Dollar" are in the grease, instead of sinking in and never coming back out, they crust and singe.
  • When Spongebob falls off the cliff, the Viking, creepy bird, etc. wouldn't really live there or really exist. Of course, he could have been hallucinating.
  • After Spongebob wakes up, the two hoboes taking his clothes are similar to the two men in A Christmas Carol, and could be a parody of them.
  • When the builder hides behind a pile of metal, a lot less of him shows than how tall he is, and the fish don't have knees.
  • When the line of people are afraid of the bubble, it would have either floated upward or popped before it got to the front of the line.
  • This is the first episode where the episode title is in a white background. The second was I Heart Dancing.
  • Mr Krabs was one of the antagonists in the episode (he told SpongeBob to leave Bikini Bottom.
  • In the UK and Ireland it's scheduled as Who Bob What Pants.
  • The people who wrote this episode were the same people who wrote Atlantis Squarepantis.
  • This is the second time the "hallelujah" theme plays. The first was in Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation.
    • Funny, when this theme plays, at both times it involves Squidward (first when Mr. Krabs closes the Krusty Krab to go on vacation and second when Squidward receives the jade egg.
  • This episode is similar to the Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! episode "Wubbzy's Big Movie", in which Wubbzy bonks his head and develops an amnesia-like disease called "knockity-noggin", which causes him to lose his memory and moo like a cow. This episode is also similar to "Forget Me Not", "Boober Gorg", and "The Amnesiac Orange", episodes of Garfield and FriendsFraggle Rock, and Annoying Orange respectively.
  • Negative reviews were given to this episode about the harsh treatment towards Spongebob.
  • The cliff seen in this episode is the same cliff seen in Jellyfishing.

APM Music Identification[]

  • Dramatic Impact 2 - The mailman gets hit by a truck.
  • Dramatic Impact 5 - "Nooooooooo!!"
  • Drama Link D - Patrick and Sandy bash in SpongeBob's door.
  • Furtive Footsteps - The villagers woke SpongeBob up.
  • Drama Link B - Sandy searches for Gary
  • Fates - Mr. Krabs, Patrick and Sandy cry about SpongeBob.
  • Drama Link D - "Aaaah! What do you think you're doing?!"
  • Dramatic Cue A - "You can't do that here!"
  • Dramatic Cue B - Citizens of New Kelp City run away from the bubble.
  • Dramatic Impact 2 - "SpongeBob's mayor of New Kelp City!"
  • Hawaiian Cocktail - SpongeBob Packs to leave Bikini Bottom. NOTE: the song is played up 2 notes than usual.
  • Gary gets extremely huge and overweight by eating the year's supply of snail food so quickly.
  • Hit and Run - The Bubble Poppin' Boys chase SpongeBob.
  • House of Horror - Squidward slips on the spatula and hits SpongeBob with the egg.