William Henry Harrison (b. February 9, 1773-d. April 4, 1841) was the 9th President of the United States. His term served only one month. From March to April 1841, before he died in office, the first such event. A grandson, Benjamin Harrison, later became the 23rd President.


When he took the Oath of Office, he did it on a cold and wet day without an overcoat or hat. He did it on horseback instead of in the closed carriage that was offered to him. He also made the longest America inaugural address in American history. It took him nearly two hours to read although his friend Daniel Webster edited it for length. He later rode through the streets in the inaugural parade and went to three inaugural parades. The inaugural address included stuff such as re-establishing the Bank of the United States and extending its credit, to defer Congress's judgment with a sparing use of the veto power and to reverse the Spoils system.


On March 26th, William caught a cold which at the time was believed to be due to the bad weather at the inauguration. He died of his sickness the following month.
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