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Xbox 360 is a seventh generation home game console made by Microsoft in 2006. It is the second Xbox game console after the Xbox.


Reports were going on about a sequel to the Xbox since 2002. Microsoft then unveiled the console in 2005. It is one of the best-selling consoles of all time. The console is the best-selling Xbox console, and the second-best-selling home game console in the seventh generation, behind the Wii.


Red Ring of Death[]


The three flashing red rings means a general hardware error.

A few weeks after the console's release, reports were going around about the green ring on the console turning red during an error. The main problem was that the first original consoles tended to get the error. The red ring usually covers one part, a quarter, half or all the green ring.

The one red ring shows an E74 error, and a screen of death would come up. Two rings show that the console is overheating, three rings show a general cable error, and four rings show no detection of an A4 cable. Many started upgrading their consoles to try and avoid the error, as Microsoft said that they are not paying for any damages the error might have caused the console. The console was made much more famous by this report.

Disk scratching[]

There were reports of disks getting scratched by the Xbox 360 itself. Microsoft's answer to the problem is that moving the Xbox 360 will end up scratching the disk.


The original startup was a grey ball with a rounded X in it zoomed in close up. The grey ball then spins around, before zooming out with the Xbox 360 logo below it.

The newest startup was the grey ball spinning around while green stripes bounce into it. The ball then turns around to form the Xbox 360 logo.


  • A sensor which can be connected to the console and can play games using only movement. This is called Kinect.
  • The best-selling game on the console is Grand Theft Auto V at 16 million copies.
  • The console sold more than 80 million units.