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Youtube is a site where you upload and watch videos. It can be about comedy, romance, role-playing, video games, or anything you like.


The YouTube logo

Video Technology


You need Adobe Flash Player Or HTML5 to be installed on the browser. When you get this, you can watch 75% of stuff on YouTube.


In order to upload, it has to be at 15 minutes in duration. It was a 10 minute limit, but it got increased in July 2010.


How to upload a video to Youtube 2014


Copyright system

YouTube has often been criticized due to its copyright system. In 2012, Viacom sued Google due to how much of their content was on YouTube. In response to this, YouTube added a content ID system. Which automatically removes videos that uses copyrighted content. When it was first introduced, many videos were removed for no reason. In 2015, YouTube added a Fair Use protection system. It was criticized for it only providing protection by allowing the video to stay up to only be viewable in America. In May 2016, YouTube changed how the claim system works.