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Zoo Park was an amusement park opened in 1905 by John Coughlin. Before Zoo Park was built the land it was on


was owned by Homesteader, John Wolfe. Not many people know about Zoo Park. Zoo Park was located in Colorado Springs.


Zoo Park had many animals such as: camels, alligators, sea lions, bears, cows, monkeys, elk, deer, an ape, an old coyote, an eagle, a sacred ox from India, and an elephant named Princess Alice.

Princess Alice[]

Princess Alice was an elephant with an injured trunk. John Coughlin gave her a pint of Jim Beam whiskey every day, hoping it would cure her trunk. In 1913 she died of pneumonia. 


The activities Zoo Park had were a giant circle swing, a miniature railroad, a merry-go-round, shoot-the-chutes, a roller coaster that went 60 mph, The Old Mill Boat Ride, The Buster Brown House, and The Fun Factory, a roller skating rink.


In 1916 Coughlin's house burned, he left Colorado Springs, and gave Zoo Park to his manager, who turned it into a motel. Many animals ended up as steaks at Tucker's Restaurant. Some became private pets. Others were left to starve. No one knows for sure what happened to the merry-go-round.